Puzzles on print and online

A puzzle that fits your website will attract many visitors and is likely to hold their attention for several minutes. Also, new puzzles appearing regularly ensure that many first-timers will return. Language is no problem at all. We can implement any text or puzzle in our software.

We could also provide you with puzzles for print. If needed, we can use our extensive network of native puzzle creators.


Why a puzzle?
While Internet is the ultimate medium for zapping, you want your visitors to stay tuned. A puzzle helps to keep their attention. This page lists some of the reasons why a puzzle can be beneficial to your website.


PZZL.com provides standard sized puzzles (inexpensive) and custom-made puzzles, both for print and online.


A simple puzzle can cost you as little as $50. A custom-made puzzle will obviously cost some more, but still much less than you might expect.


About PZZL.com
PZZL.com is a Dutch company fulltime dedicated to puzzles for more than 25 years. We create(d) puzzles in any format, both on print and online, for 100+ companies, among them The New York Times.


How to contact us.


Prime minister Balkenende and secretary of labor De Geus payed PZZL.com a visit.

If you have a new puzzle  on your site every week, those visitors who are puzzle enthusiasts — some 45% — will each week have a reason to return to your site.

Considering the fact that solving a puzzle will probably keep someone busy for at least 5 or 10 minutes, it is relatively easy to find sponsors for the puzzle. Also, you or your sponsor can choose a fitting theme for the puzzle and, if so desired, have it linked to the website of the sponsor or of the company that puts up the prize.

There are other types of puzzles besides the crossword. Each target group will have its favorite type. PZZL.com can supply all different types, both in print-out and on-line formats.