The design of standard puzzles can be adjusted to your website. PZZL.com can also make you new products. Or we can develop an entire concept for you. Language will not be a barrier. Our software doesn't care which texts it has to show, and we speak fluent English or German.

For more than 15 years now, we have been developing concepts for major consumer magazines or newspapers. If you know your goal and target audience, we can make an effective product. Or we just do what you tell us to do. Below are some playable examples of what we have done for the past few years. Click on the image and you can play. You will not be able to read the Dutch of course, but you will understand how it works after a few clicks.

Soccer puzzles
For a famous Dutch soccer website, PZZL.com developed five types of puzzles with soccer as theme.
A simple game for a financial website. While playing, players get acquainted with the new euro coins and bills.
For a large portal (VNUnet), PZZL.com developed five types of puzzles with the size of a button (150 x 150 pixels). Every day of the week featured a different type. Daily refreshment of new puzzles was fully automated.
Link quotes to sources
For the national Dutch newspaper Trouw. Link 100 quotes to 100 sources. Solutions could be sent through our software and database. Puzzlers could also save their work on our server.
This game features ten questions which are impossible to answer from memory; the answers need to be found on the Internet. But time is running out! Therefore it tests who knows best his way around the Internet. The questions can be on any subject, and in any language.
Daily question
Every day a new, cryptic or trivial question. Every week has his own theme. This module automates the daily renewal of the question, and features last week's solutions and winners, a way to send in the solutions to our database and more.
  Not more expensive than standard  
Custom-made puzzles do not need to be more expensive than standard puzzles. If, for instance, we agree on a new puzzle every week for the next 6 months, developing costs may drop to zero. See also Rates.
Your design
We use as much as possible the design of your website, and will also implement your logo if you want.
Close consultation
During all stages of production, you will be given the opportunity to comment on our work. Our work is finished only if you think it is. See also Method.
Free advice
You do not need to study all examples before making a decision. You tell us your goal and target audience, and we will provide you with free advice on what types of puzzles will work best for you. At the same time we might provide you with examples not shown on this website. See also Contact.