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"Player A" is the player who at the time of playing had the highest rating of the two. The totals at the right refer to the total of points won or lost by a player on that day. So the player with the highest total is the winner of the day!

date player A player B gms A gms B pnt Apnt B
2015-03-26Artem StudenikinArt Dubow23-1010
2015-03-26Bill McGimpseyDavid Hill318-8
2015-03-26Artem StudenikinBill McGimpsey317-7
2015-03-26Art DubowDavid Hill23-1010
2015-03-26Frank ValentineAntal Viczian3110-10
2015-03-26Antal ViczianDave Shyu03-3232
2015-03-26John FaulknerFrank Valentine301-1
2015-03-26John FaulknerDave Shyu301-1
2015-03-26Greg PalmerFrancis Thum32-22
2015-03-26Glen RandmerFrancis Storph13-1515
2015-03-26Glen RandmerGreg Palmer13-1818
2015-03-26Francis StorphFrancis Thum23-1515
2015-03-26Charles BraueJoel Hoffman03-2828
2015-03-26Vijay NaikSanjiv Kalkar03-2828
2015-03-26Charles BraueVijay Naik03-2525
2015-03-26Joel HoffmanSanjiv Kalkar3112-12
2015-03-26Ying ZhangDirk Klingner03-3131
2015-03-26Rich KronenbergFranz Ritt13-2121
2015-03-26Rich KronenbergYing Zhang13-2828
2015-03-26Franz RittDirk Klingner3100
2015-03-26Rahul AcharyaAndriy Hrishin23-2626
2015-03-26Rohan AcharyaAndriy Hrishin32-88
2015-03-26Hanwei WangRahul Acharya32-1111
2015-03-26Hanwei WangRohan Acharya32-1717
2015-03-26Peter RitmeesterIgor Yarmak13-1717
2015-03-26Will ShortzSreehari Sulochanan315-5
2015-03-26Will ShortzIgor Yarmak13-2222
2015-03-26Peter RitmeesterSreehari Sulochanan3110-10
2015-03-26Ben LermanBonnie OShea3013-13
2015-03-26Attila ViczianBonnie OShea3019-19
2015-03-26Sky ShatzSusan Leifer31-55
2015-03-26Ben LermanSky Shatz13-1717
2015-03-26Bonnie OSheaSusan Leifer312-2
2015-03-26Sky ShatzAttila Viczian3022-22
Thursday 26 March 2015
Joel Hoffman40
Igor Yarmak39
Sky Shatz34
Andriy Hrishin34
Dave Shyu31
Dirk Klingner31
Franz Ritt21
Francis Thum17
Sanjiv Kalkar16
Greg Palmer16
Rohan Acharya9
Frank Valentine9
Susan Leifer3
David Hill2
John Faulkner2
Bill McGimpsey1
Francis Storph0
Art Dubow0
Ying Zhang-3
Vijay Naik-3
Artem Studenikin-3
Attila Viczian-3
Ben Lerman-4
Peter Ritmeester-7
Rahul Acharya-15
Sreehari Sulochanan-15
Will Shortz-17
Hanwei Wang-28
Bonnie OShea-30
Glen Randmer-33
Antal Viczian-42
Rich Kronenberg-49
Charles Braue-53