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"Player A" is the player who at the time of playing had the highest rating of the two. The totals at the right refer to the total of points won or lost by a player on that day. So the player with the highest total is the winner of the day!

date player A player B gms A gms B pnt Apnt B
2016-04-28Ying ZhangSteve Burka316-6
2016-04-28Bill McGimpseyTrevor Salmon23-1515
2016-04-28Trevor SalmonSteve Burka3112-12
2016-04-28Bill McGimpseyYing Zhang3020-20
2016-04-28David YooBen Lerman13-1717
2016-04-28David YooEugene Sazhin3023-23
2016-04-28Eugene SazhinJohn Faulkner23-2121
2016-04-28Alec HolstGregory Large319-9
2016-04-28Ben LermanJohn Faulkner3011-11
2016-04-28Charles BraueVijay Naik324-4
2016-04-28Alec HolstCharles Braue3011-11
2016-04-28Gregory LargeVijay Naik3013-13
2016-04-28Zach GuidoNenad Bach3019-19
2016-04-28Sky ShatzCarly Google3021-21
2016-04-28Sky ShatzZach Guido03-3838
2016-04-28Carly GoogleNenad Bach3010-10
2016-04-28Kokou FannyYi Gu301-1
2016-04-28Hanwei Wang (R)Will Shortz3013-13
2016-04-28Kokou FannyHanwei Wang (R)302-2
2016-04-28Yi GuWill Shortz314-4
2016-04-28Tej SinghDavid Hill317-7
2016-04-28Rosine DongoDavid Hill23-99
2016-04-28Andriy HrishinTej Singh3110-10
2016-04-28Andriy HrishinRosine Dongo3021-21
Thursday 28 April 2016
Zach Guido57
Andriy Hrishin31
Ben Lerman28
Trevor Salmon27
Alec Holst20
Hanwei Wang (R)11
John Faulkner10
David Yoo6
Bill McGimpsey5
Gregory Large4
Yi Gu3
Kokou Fanny3
David Hill2
Tej Singh-3
Charles Braue-7
Carly Google-11
Ying Zhang-14
Sky Shatz-17
Vijay Naik-17
Will Shortz-17
Steve Burka-18
Nenad Bach-29
Rosine Dongo-30
Eugene Sazhin-44