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"Player A" is the player who at the time of playing had the highest rating of the two. The totals at the right refer to the total of points won or lost by a player on that day. So the player with the highest total is the winner of the day!

date player A player B gms A gms B pnt Apnt B
2019-07-19James BuckleyJohnny Keogh3110-10
2019-07-19Sung KangHowie Shlom13-1515
2019-07-19James BuckleySung Kang3019-19
2019-07-19Johnny KeoghHowie Shlom3200
2019-07-19Margie Alleypavel padamatska31-11
2019-07-19Margie AlleyRay Herbst03-3737
2019-07-19Ray HerbstAndrew Choi323-3
2019-07-19pavel padamatskaAndrew Choi3024-24
2019-07-19Edgar SanchezTattoo Szeles03-3030
2019-07-19Art DubowSteven Li323-3
2019-07-19Edgar SanchezArt Dubow3020-20
2019-07-19Tattoo SzelesSteven Li322-2
2019-07-19Dave KentSandro Tosi03-2727
2019-07-19Milutin NikodijevicAdolfo Neto32-11
2019-07-19Adolfo NetoSandro Tosi3112-12
2019-07-19Milutin NikodijevicDave Kent318-8
2019-07-19Sky ShatzTattoo Szeles3020-20
2019-07-19Francis ThumRich Kronenberg3015-15
2019-07-19Harbinder singhPrem Krishnamurthy3023-23
2019-07-19Prem KrishnamurthyRich Kronenberg03-3131
2019-07-19Francis ThumHarbinder singh03-2828
2019-07-19Rosine DongoSky Shatz3020-20
2019-07-19Ian BanfieldJose Suarez13-1717
2019-07-19Ian BanfieldRosine Dongo23-99
2019-07-19Jose SuarezSky Shatz318-8
2019-07-19Michael YehRafer singh13-2424
2019-07-19Danielle AkantaraRobert King03-3737
2019-07-19Robert KingRafer singh3022-22
2019-07-19Danielle AkantaraMichael Yeh03-2929
2019-07-19Ervan singhMark Westlake[LH]03-2929
2019-07-19Paul NgDavid Teich3024-24
2019-07-19Ervan singhRobert Zengotita13-2424
2019-07-19David TeichMark Westlake[LH]3015-15
2019-07-19Paul NgErvan singh3018-18
2019-07-19Zack GuidoArafat Sultan3024-24
2019-07-19Will ShortzDan Garcia13-1818
2019-07-19Dan GarciaArafat Sultan03-2727
2019-07-19Will ShortzZack Guido3019-19
2019-07-19Miguel BallesterosSam Karabulut3111-11
2019-07-19Igor AnnopolskyMiguel Ballesteros3020-20
2019-07-19Igor AnnopolskyMark Yun3020-20
2019-07-19Mark YunSam Karabulut23-77
Friday 19 July 2019
Robert King59
Harbinder singh51
Paul Ng42
Ray Herbst40
Igor Annopolsky40
James Buckley29
Rosine Dongo29
pavel padamatska25
Jose Suarez25
Robert Zengotita24
Rich Kronenberg16
Sandro Tosi15
Howie Shlom15
Mark Westlake[LH]14
Adolfo Neto13
Tattoo Szeles12
Milutin Nikodijevic7
Michael Yeh5
Zack Guido5
Arafat Sultan3
Rafer singh2
Will Shortz1
Sam Karabulut-4
Steven Li-5
Sky Shatz-8
Miguel Ballesteros-9
Dan Garcia-9
David Teich-9
Johnny Keogh-10
Edgar Sanchez-10
Francis Thum-13
Art Dubow-17
Ian Banfield-26
Andrew Choi-27
Mark Yun-27
Sung Kang-34
Dave Kent-35
Margie Alley-38
Prem Krishnamurthy-54
Danielle Akantara-66
Ervan singh-71