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"Player A" is the player who at the time of playing had the highest rating of the two. The totals at the right refer to the total of points won or lost by a player on that day. So the player with the highest total is the winner of the day!

date player A player B gms A gms B pnt Apnt B
2017-03-24Alec HolstSteven Li316-6
2017-03-24Steven LiWill Shortz321-1
2017-03-24Alec HolstArt Dubow3023-23
2017-03-24Art DubowWill Shortz3017-17
2017-03-24Gerard YapBen Aron3012-12
2017-03-24Steve HodovanecMick Jacobsen316-6
2017-03-24Gerard YapAlexander Nisperos13-1414
2017-03-24Steve HodovanecBen Aron3016-16
2017-03-24Gerard YapMick Jacobsen32-66
2017-03-24Alexander NisperosSteve Hodovanec322-2
2017-03-24Nishant BhardwajGlen Randmer3024-24
2017-03-24Upneet ShahDan Garcia32-22
2017-03-24Glen RandmerDan Garcia31-11
2017-03-24Nishant BhardwajUpneet Shah23-1313
2017-03-24Andriy HrishinArtem Studenikin3023-23
2017-03-24Andriy HrishinAntoinette Riley03-3333
2017-03-24Ruslan KorobeinikAntoinette Riley03-3030
2017-03-24Artem StudenikinRuslan Korobeinik03-2626
2017-03-24Darius FahimiZach Guido31-55
2017-03-24Charles BraueErik Jacobsen324-4
2017-03-24Darius FahimiCharles Braue31-1212
2017-03-24Zach GuidoErik Jacobsen31-55
2017-03-24Igor AnnopolskyJos Ritmeester3110-10
2017-03-24Peter RitmeesterTrevor Salmon318-8
2017-03-24Jos RitmeesterTrevor Salmon319-9
2017-03-24Igor AnnopolskyPeter Ritmeester13-1313
2017-03-24Garv AgarwalYazen Aldarghouthy13-1515
2017-03-24Suzanne KellyDon Hubert32-88
2017-03-24Suzanne KellyGarv Agarwal3010-10
2017-03-24Joe SulpizioYazen Aldarghouthy314-4
2017-03-24Don HubertYazen Aldarghouthy13-1717
2017-03-24Suzanne KellyJoe Sulpizio313-3
2017-03-24Anthony CapassoEthan Keller32-77
2017-03-24Courage NanevieAnthony Capasso3018-18
2017-03-24Courage NanevieBen Nisbet23-1515
2017-03-24Ben NisbetEthan Keller23-1414
Friday 24 March 2017
Antoinette Riley63
Alec Holst29
Yazen Aldarghouthy28
Ethan Keller21
Peter Ritmeester21
Steve Hodovanec20
Charles Braue16
Alexander Nisperos16
Nishant Bhardwaj11
Upneet Shah11
Suzanne Kelly5
Dan Garcia3
Courage Nanevie3
Erik Jacobsen1
Joe Sulpizio1
Ben Nisbet1
Zach Guido0
Mick Jacobsen0
Jos Ritmeester-1
Igor Annopolsky-3
Ruslan Korobeinik-4
Steven Li-5
Art Dubow-6
Gerard Yap-8
Don Hubert-9
Andriy Hrishin-10
Trevor Salmon-17
Darius Fahimi-17
Will Shortz-18
Garv Agarwal-25
Glen Randmer-25
Anthony Capasso-25
Ben Aron-28
Artem Studenikin-49