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"Player A" is the player who at the time of playing had the highest rating of the two. The totals at the right refer to the total of points won or lost by a player on that day. So the player with the highest total is the winner of the day!

date player A player B gms A gms B pnt Apnt B
2016-12-01Zach GuidoDarius Fahimi315-5
2016-12-01Krishna FinkenbergAntal Viczian3018-18
2016-12-01Darius FahimiAntal Viczian3019-19
2016-12-01Zach GuidoKrishna Finkenberg03-3232
2016-12-01Joel HoffmanThomas Tang317-7
2016-12-01Ying ZhangSteve Burka317-7
2016-12-01Ying ZhangJoel Hoffman31-77
2016-12-01Steve BurkaThomas Tang306-6
2016-12-01Don MooreBob Nardi3024-24
2016-12-01Joanna IpDaria Fahimi311-1
2016-12-01Bob NardiDaria Fahimi3014-14
2016-12-01Don MooreJoanna Ip3024-24
2016-12-01Charles BraueJens Schlueter3016-16
2016-12-01Matt MondelloAttila Viczian03-2828
2016-12-01Charles BraueMatt Mondello3014-14
2016-12-01Jared MorrisAttila Viczian3011-11
2016-12-01Jared MorrisCharles Braue3111-11
2016-12-01Edgar SanchezAlec Holst3022-22
2016-12-01Will ShortzNader Fahimi3111-11
2016-12-01Alec HolstNader Fahimi3110-10
2016-12-01Edgar SanchezWill Shortz321-1
2016-12-01Andriy HrishinBradley Robbins13-1616
2016-12-01Ruslan KorobeinikIgor Annopolsky23-2121
2016-12-01Bradley RobbinsIgor Annopolsky31-44
2016-12-01Andriy HrishinRuslan Korobeinik318-8
2016-12-01Trevor SalmonBen Lerman3019-19
2016-12-01Trevor SalmonGeorge Gristede3200
2016-12-01George GristedeSteven Li3110-10
2016-12-01Ben LermanSteven Li03-2727
2016-12-01Ellen BurkaDan Garcia13-2020
2016-12-01Sky ShatzJohn Faulkner316-6
2016-12-01Sky ShatzEllen Burka3022-22
2016-12-01John FaulknerDan Garcia03-2828
Thursday 1 December 2016
Krishna Finkenberg50
Dan Garcia48
Don Moore48
Sky Shatz28
Igor Annopolsky25
Edgar Sanchez23
Jared Morris22
Charles Braue19
Trevor Salmon19
Attila Viczian17
Steven Li17
Darius Fahimi14
Joel Hoffman14
Bradley Robbins12
George Gristede10
Will Shortz10
Ying Zhang0
Steve Burka-1
Andriy Hrishin-8
Bob Nardi-10
Alec Holst-12
Thomas Tang-13
Daria Fahimi-15
Jens Schlueter-16
Nader Fahimi-21
Joanna Ip-23
Zach Guido-27
Ruslan Korobeinik-29
John Faulkner-34
Antal Viczian-37
Ellen Burka-42
Matt Mondello-42
Ben Lerman-46