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"Player A" is the player who at the time of playing had the highest rating of the two. The totals at the right refer to the total of points won or lost by a player on that day. So the player with the highest total is the winner of the day!

date player A player B gms A gms B pnt Apnt B
2016-09-22Steven LiBen Lerman324-4
2016-09-22Ying ZhangSteve Burka3111-11
2016-09-22Steven LiYing Zhang23-1010
2016-09-22Ben LermanSteve Burka32-11
2016-09-22Darius FahimiCharles Braue13-1616
2016-09-22Sky ShatzZach Guido3016-16
2016-09-22Sky ShatzDarius Fahimi314-4
2016-09-22Zach GuidoCharles Braue3023-23
2016-09-22Lymar YapErik Jacobsen3024-24
2016-09-22Antal ViczianGerard Yap314-4
2016-09-22Erik JacobsenGerard Yap3015-15
2016-09-22Lymar YapAntal Viczian322-2
2016-09-22Suzanne KellyDaria Fahimi3013-13
2016-09-22Irene SilbertSuzanne Kelly3018-18
2016-09-22Krishna FinkenbergDon Moore3016-16
2016-09-22Jens SchlueterIrene Silbert3112-12
2016-09-22Don MooreDaria Fahimi3011-11
2016-09-22Jens SchlueterDaria Fahimi308-8
2016-09-22Irene SilbertDon Moore3020-20
2016-09-22Kokou Fanny[PH]Marcelo Alava32-1313
2016-09-22Ben NisbetCurtis Dehaney3014-14
2016-09-22Marcelo AlavaCurtis Dehaney3018-18
2016-09-22Kokou Fanny[PH]Ben Nisbet31-33
2016-09-22Artem StudenikinAndriy Hrishin3112-12
2016-09-22Bradley RobbinsIan Banfield13-1515
2016-09-22Andriy HrishinIan Banfield13-1717
2016-09-22Artem StudenikinBradley Robbins13-1515
2016-09-22David HillEdgar Sanchez23-99
2016-09-22Ruslan KorobeinikWill Shortz3200
2016-09-22Edgar SanchezWill Shortz322-2
2016-09-22David HillRuslan Korobeinik03-2727
2016-09-22George GristedeAlec Holst03-3636
2016-09-22Trevor SalmonGlen Randmer3021-21
2016-09-22Alec HolstGlen Randmer324-4
2016-09-22George GristedeTrevor Salmon23-1313
2016-09-22Joel HoffmanJohn Faulkner3012-12
2016-09-22Francis ThumJoel Hoffman03-3838
2016-09-22Ellen BurkaJohn Faulkner13-2424
2016-09-22Francis ThumEllen Burka3011-11
2016-09-22Krishna FinkenbergJens Schlueter3021-21
2016-09-22Krishna FinkenbergSuzanne Kelly3014-14
Thursday 22 September 2016
Krishna Finkenberg51
Joel Hoffman50
Alec Holst40
Trevor Salmon34
Ian Banfield32
Marcelo Alava31
Ruslan Korobeinik27
Irene Silbert26
Lymar Yap26
Ying Zhang21
Sky Shatz20
Ben Nisbet17
John Faulkner12
Edgar Sanchez11
Zach Guido7
Antal Viczian2
Bradley Robbins0
Jens Schlueter-1
Will Shortz-2
Artem Studenikin-3
Ben Lerman-5
Steven Li-6
Charles Braue-7
Erik Jacobsen-9
Steve Burka-10
Kokou Fanny[PH]-16
Suzanne Kelly-19
Gerard Yap-19
Darius Fahimi-20
Glen Randmer-25
Don Moore-25
Francis Thum-27
Andriy Hrishin-29
Daria Fahimi-32
Curtis Dehaney-32
Ellen Burka-35
David Hill-36
George Gristede-49