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"Player A" is the player who at the time of playing had the highest rating of the two. The totals at the right refer to the total of points won or lost by a player on that day. So the player with the highest total is the winner of the day!

date player A player B gms A gms B pnt Apnt B
2017-11-17Carly GoogelGregory Large03-2727
2017-11-17Gregory LargeSam Schamberg3021-21
2017-11-17Steve HellerSam Schamberg03-2727
2017-11-17Carly GoogelSteve Heller13-1616
2017-11-17Marcel FriedrichMark Westlake3111-11
2017-11-17Perry KaiserRay Herbst13-2121
2017-11-17Perry KaiserMarcel Friedrich3011-11
2017-11-17Ray HerbstMark Westlake32-22
2017-11-17Miguel BallesterosCharles Braue3023-23
2017-11-17Ron DalessioVito Moyla13-1616
2017-11-17Vito MoylaCharles Braue3011-11
2017-11-17Ron DalessioMiguel Ballesteros31-22
2017-11-17Jack VinciguerraAlla Goldburt3025-25
2017-11-17Johnny KeoghBill Picker3017-17
2017-11-17Rick ProkopAlla Goldburt3018-18
2017-11-17Johnny KeoghJack Vinciguerra3025-25
2017-11-17Alla GoldburtBill Picker03-3232
2017-11-17Rick ProkopJohnny Keogh32-22
2017-11-17Marcelo AlavaArtem Studenikin319-9
2017-11-17Alec HolstIan Banfield318-8
2017-11-17Artem StudenikinIan Banfield13-1717
2017-11-17Marcelo AlavaAlec Holst03-2828
2017-11-17Fred EllmanNoel Furniss23-1515
2017-11-17Fred EllmanDan Garcia13-2626
2017-11-17Dan GarciaSky Shatz03-2626
2017-11-17Noel FurnissSky Shatz3200
2017-11-17Sushant ObejaWill Shortz3016-16
2017-11-17Will ShortzIgor Zernitsky32-11
2017-11-17Sushant ObejaTrevor Salmon3012-12
2017-11-17Trevor SalmonIgor Zernitsky03-2525
Friday 17 November 2017
Gregory Large48
Johnny Keogh44
Alec Holst36
Sushant Obeja28
Vito Moyla27
Igor Zernitsky26
Sky Shatz26
Miguel Ballesteros25
Ray Herbst19
Rick Prokop16
Bill Picker15
Noel Furniss15
Ian Banfield9
Sam Schamberg6
Dan Garcia0
Jack Vinciguerra0
Marcel Friedrich0
Mark Westlake-9
Perry Kaiser-10
Steve Heller-11
Will Shortz-17
Ron Dalessio-18
Marcelo Alava-19
Artem Studenikin-26
Charles Braue-34
Trevor Salmon-37
Fred Ellman-41
Carly Googel-43
Alla Goldburt-75