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"Player A" is the player who at the time of playing had the highest rating of the two. The totals at the right refer to the total of points won or lost by a player on that day. So the player with the highest total is the winner of the day!

date player A player B gms A gms B pnt Apnt B
2018-11-09Alec HolstSky Shatz307-7
2018-11-09Edgar SanchezDanny Li3024-24
2018-11-09Alec HolstEdgar Sanchez308-8
2018-11-09Adolfo NetoYicheng Huang317-7
2018-11-09Ray HerbstAlex Tsoi03-3030
2018-11-09Adolfo NetoRay Herbst3016-16
2018-11-09Yicheng HuangAlex Tsoi03-3333
2018-11-09Jeff WodaJohnny Keogh3020-20
2018-11-09Jeff WodaMark Westlake13-1616
2018-11-09Linda YeowJohnny Keogh03-2626
2018-11-09Mark WestlakeLinda Yeow3024-24
2018-11-09Kevin LewisIgor Zernitsky3021-21
2018-11-09Kevin LewisDavid Hill23-66
2018-11-09Igor ZernitskySteven Li03-2626
2018-11-09David HillSteven Li23-99
2018-11-09Andrew ChoiTom Schnepp317-7
2018-11-09Chong JueBill Picker323-3
2018-11-09Andrew ChoiBill Picker3020-20
2018-11-09Chong JueTom Schnepp3110-10
2018-11-09Robert KingDavid Teich3024-24
2018-11-09Cody HumeEva Prunyi3023-23
2018-11-09David TeichEva Prunyi3020-20
2018-11-09Robert KingCody Hume3021-21
2018-11-09Trevor SalmonZack Guido03-2626
2018-11-09Mike RomaniwDan Garcia319-9
2018-11-09Trevor SalmonMike Romaniw23-1313
2018-11-09Zack GuidoDan Garcia3016-16
2018-11-09Mike DiSistoDon Hubert3111-11
2018-11-09Nenad BachVitalii Shapran03-2626
2018-11-09Vitalii ShapranDave Kent318-8
2018-11-09Nenad BachBjorn Oso23-1010
2018-11-09Bjorn OsoDave Kent3111-11
2018-11-09Nenad BachDave Kent03-3131
2018-11-09Carly GoogelJose Herrell32-11
2018-11-09Tattoo SzelesClay Castillo32-77
2018-11-09Francis ThumJose Herrell32-77
2018-11-09Tattoo SzelesCarly Googel13-2121
2018-11-09Clay CastilloJose Herrell3022-22
2018-11-09Tattoo SzelesFrancis Thum3023-23
2018-11-09Dave BurdetteJared Sochinsky13-1616
2018-11-09Mark LangbordDave Burdette3018-18
2018-11-09Amoolya MenonJared Sochinsky3016-16
2018-11-09Mark LangbordAmoolya Menon13-1313
Friday 9 November 2018
Alex Tsoi63
Robert King45
Zack Guido42
Mark Westlake40
Steven Li35
Vitalii Shapran34
Amoolya Menon29
Clay Castillo29
Andrew Choi27
Adolfo Neto23
Mike Romaniw22
Bjorn Oso21
Carly Googel20
Edgar Sanchez16
Alec Holst15
Kevin Lewis15
Chong Jue13
Dave Kent12
Mike DiSisto11
Johnny Keogh6
Mark Langbord5
Jeff Woda4
Cody Hume2
Jared Sochinsky0
David Hill-3
David Teich-4
Tattoo Szeles-5
Sky Shatz-7
Don Hubert-11
Jose Herrell-14
Tom Schnepp-17
Bill Picker-23
Danny Li-24
Dan Garcia-25
Francis Thum-30
Dave Burdette-34
Trevor Salmon-39
Yicheng Huang-40
Eva Prunyi-43
Ray Herbst-46
Igor Zernitsky-47
Linda Yeow-50
Nenad Bach-67