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"Player A" is the player who at the time of playing had the highest rating of the two. The totals at the right refer to the total of points won or lost by a player on that day. So the player with the highest total is the winner of the day!

date player A player B gms A gms B pnt Apnt B
2017-05-19Viren BhatiaCatharina Tjiook3112-12
2017-05-19Trevor SalmonSteven Li324-4
2017-05-19Viren BhatiaTrevor Salmon322-2
2017-05-19Catharina TjiookSteven Li23-88
2017-05-19David Hill[LH]Nishant Bhardwaj13-1414
2017-05-19Sky ShatzIgor Zernitsky321-1
2017-05-19David Hill[LH]Sky Shatz23-55
2017-05-19Nishant BhardwajIgor Zernitsky323-3
2017-05-19Dan GarciaUpneet Shah3024-24
2017-05-19Darius FahimiNoel Furniss313-3
2017-05-19Upneet ShahNoel Furniss3015-15
2017-05-19Dan GarciaDarius Fahimi23-66
2017-05-19Charles BraueNenad Bach3011-11
2017-05-19Charles BraueAttila Viczian32-33
2017-05-19Charles BraueJudy lavendar309-9
2017-05-19Nenad BachRay Herbst32-44
2017-05-19Attila ViczianRon Dalessio03-3434
2017-05-19Nenad BachRon Dalessio03-2727
2017-05-19Judy lavendarRay Herbst03-3232
2017-05-19Ron DalessioJudy lavendar3024-24
2017-05-19Attila ViczianRay Herbst3010-10
2017-05-19Saumil JagirdarNiyazi Aliyev3021-21
2017-05-19Will ShortzGlen Randmer23-99
2017-05-19Will ShortzSaumil Jagirdar319-9
2017-05-19Glen RandmerNiyazi Aliyev3022-22
2017-05-19Carly GoogelAlexander Nisperos302-2
2017-05-19Alexander NisperosBarry Kestenberg03-2727
2017-05-19Carly GoogelAntal Viczian302-2
2017-05-19Art DubowConnor Lee23-66
2017-05-19Ben LermanEdgar Sanchez23-66
2017-05-19Art DubowBen Lerman321-1
2017-05-19Connor LeeEdgar Sanchez319-9
2017-05-19Kokou Fanny (HB)Alec Holst313-3
2017-05-19kai Zhang(HB)J. T. He31-44
2017-05-19kai Zhang(HB)Alec Holst32-1414
2017-05-19Kokou Fanny (HB)J. T. He3200
2017-05-19Antal ViczianBarry Kestenberg319-9
2017-05-19Ming-Hong ChangConnor Lee3112-12
2017-05-19Ming-Hong ChangBen Lerman3022-22
Friday 19 May 2017
Ron Dalessio85
Ming-Hong Chang34
Glen Randmer31
Ray Herbst26
Dan Garcia18
Barry Kestenberg18
Charles Braue17
Nishant Bhardwaj17
Viren Bhatia14
Saumil Jagirdar12
Alec Holst11
Darius Fahimi9
Antal Viczian7
Sky Shatz6
Carly Googel4
Steven Li4
J. T. He4
Kokou Fanny (HB)3
Connor Lee3
Trevor Salmon2
Will Shortz0
Edgar Sanchez-3
Igor Zernitsky-4
Art Dubow-5
Upneet Shah-9
Noel Furniss-18
kai Zhang(HB)-18
David Hill[LH]-19
Catharina Tjiook-20
Attila Viczian-21
Alexander Nisperos-29
Ben Lerman-29
Nenad Bach-42
Niyazi Aliyev-43
Judy lavendar-65