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"Player A" is the player who at the time of playing had the highest rating of the two. The totals at the right refer to the total of points won or lost by a player on that day. So the player with the highest total is the winner of the day!

date player A player B gms A gms B pnt Apnt B
2016-02-11Ying ZhangGlen Randmer318-8
2016-02-11Steve BurkaFrancis Thum3019-19
2016-02-11Ying ZhangSteve Burka319-9
2016-02-11Glen RandmerFrancis Thum23-1111
2016-02-11Yi GuAmel Medunjanin03-2626
2016-02-11Jingsong ZhuYonghyeon Kim321-1
2016-02-11Jingsong ZhuYi Gu3019-19
2016-02-11Yonghyeon KimAmel Medunjanin3022-22
2016-02-11Eugene SazhinNicholas OYoung03-3131
2016-02-11Paolo AlimontiRoss Pattinson3019-19
2016-02-11Ross PattinsonNicholas OYoung23-1010
2016-02-11Paolo AlimontiEugene Sazhin3021-21
2016-02-11Charles BraueVijay Naik03-2929
2016-02-11Eldin MedunjaninAntal Viczian13-1919
2016-02-11Vijay NaikAntal Viczian3016-16
2016-02-11Charles BraueEldin Medunjanin23-1111
2016-02-11Tian ZhangAdnan Medunjanin3016-16
2016-02-11Rahul AcharyaAdnan Medunjanin13-2424
2016-02-11Kokou FannyTian Zhang32-1111
2016-02-11Kokou FannyRahul Acharya3012-12
2016-02-11Art DubowAndriy Hrishin13-1616
2016-02-11Will ShortzLuc Oyoung03-3838
2016-02-11Will ShortzAndriy Hrishin23-1212
2016-02-11Art DubowLuc Oyoung13-2222
2016-02-11Zach GuidoColin Moyer3024-24
2016-02-11Zach GuidoJens Schlueter3025-25
2016-02-11Attila ViczianZach Guido3111-11
2016-02-11Irene SilbertAttila Viczian13-1818
2016-02-11Irene SilbertJens Schlueter315-5
2016-02-11Irene SilbertColin Moyer03-3333
2016-02-11Gregory LargeSky Shatz3016-16
2016-02-11Seungpyo RyuSky Shatz32-1313
2016-02-11Carl SkeeteGregory Large32-77
2016-02-11Carl SkeeteSeungpyo Ryu3112-12
Thursday 11 February 2016
Luc Oyoung60
Vijay Naik45
Nicholas OYoung41
Paolo Alimonti40
Zach Guido38
Attila Viczian29
Andriy Hrishin28
Tian Zhang27
Gregory Large23
Yonghyeon Kim21
Jingsong Zhu20
Ying Zhang17
Steve Burka10
Colin Moyer9
Adnan Medunjanin8
Carl Skeete5
Amel Medunjanin4
Antal Viczian3
Kokou Fanny1
Sky Shatz-3
Francis Thum-8
Eldin Medunjanin-8
Glen Randmer-19
Seungpyo Ryu-25
Ross Pattinson-29
Jens Schlueter-30
Rahul Acharya-36
Art Dubow-38
Charles Braue-40
Yi Gu-45
Irene Silbert-46
Will Shortz-50
Eugene Sazhin-52