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"Player A" is the player who at the time of playing had the highest rating of the two. The totals at the right refer to the total of points won or lost by a player on that day. So the player with the highest total is the winner of the day!

date player A player B gms A gms B pnt Apnt B
2017-02-17David Hill[LH]Ralph Mack3111-11
2017-02-17Igor ZernitskySky Shatz318-8
2017-02-17David Hill[LH]Igor Zernitsky13-1616
2017-02-17Ralph MackSky Shatz03-3131
2017-02-17Keith AdamsonTom Driscoll323-3
2017-02-17Ann-Marie FlynnYazen Aldarghouthy32-44
2017-02-17Ivo BachSuzanne Kelly13-1313
2017-02-17Ivo BachAnn-Marie Flynn3020-20
2017-02-17Keith AdamsonSuzanne Kelly3020-20
2017-02-17Tom DriscollYazen Aldarghouthy31-33
2017-02-17Keith AdamsonAnn-Marie Flynn3016-16
2017-02-17Tom DriscollIvo Bach03-2828
2017-02-17Suzanne KellyYazen Aldarghouthy3012-12
2017-02-17Artem StudenikinAndriy Hrishin3023-23
2017-02-17Kokou Fanny[LH]Marcelo Alava03-2929
2017-02-17Kokou Fanny[LH]Artem Studenikin312-2
2017-02-17Marcelo AlavaAndriy Hrishin3017-17
2017-02-17Antal ViczianNenad Bach3013-13
2017-02-17Gerard YapSteve Hodovanec32-44
2017-02-17Antal ViczianGerard Yap32-11
2017-02-17Nenad BachSteve Hodovanec323-3
2017-02-17Viren BhatiaSteve Burka317-7
2017-02-17Bill McGimpseyWill Shortz13-1818
2017-02-17Steve BurkaWill Shortz13-1515
2017-02-17Viren BhatiaBill McGimpsey13-1515
2017-02-17Krishna FinkenbergEllen Burka23-99
2017-02-17Thomas TangEllen Burka3020-20
2017-02-17James McLainThomas Tang3200
2017-02-17James McLainKrishna Finkenberg23-1111
2017-02-17Zach GuidoNoel Furniss32-1010
2017-02-17Zach GuidoErik Jacobsen31-44
2017-02-17Erik JacobsenAlexander Nisperos3022-22
2017-02-17Noel FurnissAlexander Nisperos3020-20
2017-02-17Art DubowAlec Holst3023-23
2017-02-17Trevor SalmonSteven Li13-1818
2017-02-17Art DubowTrevor Salmon03-2727
2017-02-17Alec HolstSteven Li3019-19
2017-02-17Dan GarciaNishant Bhardwaj23-77
2017-02-17Glen RandmerUpneet Shah3016-16
2017-02-17Glen RandmerDan Garcia315-5
2017-02-17Upneet ShahNishant Bhardwaj23-66
2017-02-17Courage NanevieRohan Acharya325-5
2017-02-17Azeez JamiuCourage Nanevie308-8
2017-02-17Rahul AcharyaRohan Acharya32-99
2017-02-17Azeez JamiuRahul Acharya3019-19
2017-02-17Steve HodovanecDon Moore316-6
2017-02-17Steve HodovanecTom Driscoll321-1
Friday 17 February 2017
Marcelo Alava46
Keith Adamson39
Ivo Bach35
Will Shortz33
Noel Furniss30
Azeez Jamiu27
Erik Jacobsen26
Igor Zernitsky24
Sky Shatz23
Glen Randmer21
Artem Studenikin21
Thomas Tang20
Nishant Bhardwaj13
Antal Viczian12
Trevor Salmon9
Steve Hodovanec8
Suzanne Kelly5
Rohan Acharya4
Krishna Finkenberg2
Steven Li-1
Bill McGimpsey-3
Gerard Yap-3
Courage Nanevie-3
Alec Holst-4
Art Dubow-4
Yazen Aldarghouthy-5
David Hill[LH]-5
Don Moore-6
Viren Bhatia-8
Nenad Bach-10
Ellen Burka-11
James McLain-11
Dan Garcia-12
Zach Guido-14
Steve Burka-22
Upneet Shah-22
Kokou Fanny[LH]-27
Rahul Acharya-28
Tom Driscoll-35
Andriy Hrishin-40
Ann-Marie Flynn-40
Ralph Mack-42
Alexander Nisperos-42