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"Player A" is the player who at the time of playing had the highest rating of the two. The totals at the right refer to the total of points won or lost by a player on that day. So the player with the highest total is the winner of the day!

date player A player B gms A gms B pnt Apnt B
2016-08-25Jens SchlueterDon Moore3023-23
2016-08-25Godfrey BranchGabriel Paley3010-10
2016-08-25Jens SchlueterGodfrey Branch03-2727
2016-08-25Jason KangAntal Viczian13-2020
2016-08-25Erik JacobsenKrishna Finkenberg13-2222
2016-08-25Jason KangErik Jacobsen13-2121
2016-08-25Antal ViczianKrishna Finkenberg312-2
2016-08-25Ying ZhangGlen Randmer32-11
2016-08-25Trevor SalmonYing Zhang3015-15
2016-08-25Trevor SalmonSteve Burka311-1
2016-08-25Steve BurkaGlen Randmer03-2929
2016-08-25Art DubowZari Hinds3017-17
2016-08-25Oliver JakobRuslan Korobeinik32-1212
2016-08-25Ruslan KorobeinikZari Hinds32-11
2016-08-25Oliver JakobArt Dubow13-2929
2016-08-25Francis ThumZach Guido31-1212
2016-08-25John FaulknerSky Shatz03-4343
2016-08-25Sky ShatzZach Guido3111-11
2016-08-25Ben LermanSky Shatz301-1
2016-08-25Francis ThumJohn Faulkner309-9
2016-08-25Ben LermanFrancis Thum13-1717
2016-08-25Tej SinghArtem Studenikin321-1
2016-08-25Artem StudenikinDavid Hill03-2727
2016-08-25Tej SinghWill Shortz319-9
2016-08-25Will ShortzDavid Hill13-1515
2016-08-25Don MooreGabriel Paley31-22
2016-08-25Marcelo AlavaJulian Yeung3020-20
2016-08-25Ben NisbetAleena Edwards03-2929
2016-08-25Aleena EdwardsJulian Yeung314-4
2016-08-25Ben NisbetMarcelo Alava32-22
Thursday 25 August 2016
Sky Shatz53
Art Dubow46
David Hill42
Godfrey Branch37
Aleena Edwards33
Glen Randmer30
Antal Viczian22
Marcelo Alava22
Krishna Finkenberg20
Trevor Salmon16
Francis Thum14
Ruslan Korobeinik11
Tej Singh10
Zach Guido1
Erik Jacobsen-1
Jens Schlueter-4
Gabriel Paley-8
Ying Zhang-16
Zari Hinds-16
Ben Lerman-16
Julian Yeung-24
Will Shortz-24
Don Moore-25
Artem Studenikin-28
Steve Burka-30
Ben Nisbet-31
Jason Kang-41
Oliver Jakob-41
John Faulkner-52