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"Player A" is the player who at the time of playing had the highest rating of the two. The totals at the right refer to the total of points won or lost by a player on that day. So the player with the highest total is the winner of the day!

date player A player B gms A gms B pnt Apnt B
2015-04-30Jonas PankowGeorge Gristede3200
2015-04-30Rohan AcharyaWill Shortz3011-11
2015-04-30Rohan AcharyaJonas Pankow3014-14
2015-04-30Will ShortzGeorge Gristede3024-24
2015-04-30Artem StudenikinDavid Hill3014-14
2015-04-30Igor YarmakTej Singh3023-23
2015-04-30Tej SinghArtem Studenikin03-2626
2015-04-30Igor YarmakDavid Hill3100
2015-04-30Peter BoscoGlen Randmer323-3
2015-04-30Francis StorphGreg Palmer13-1515
2015-04-30Greg PalmerGlen Randmer3023-23
2015-04-30Francis StorphPeter Bosco3110-10
2015-04-30Sky ShatzSusan Leifer304-4
2015-04-30Dave ShyuBonnie OShea305-5
2015-04-30Bonnie OSheaSusan Leifer32-44
2015-04-30Dave ShyuSky Shatz3020-20
2015-04-30John CodeFrank Valentine318-8
2015-04-30Frank CromerBen Lerman31-11
2015-04-30John CodeFrank Cromer3112-12
2015-04-30Frank ValentineBen Lerman32-55
2015-04-30Franz RittYing Zhang3018-18
2015-04-30Rich KronenbergYing Zhang03-3434
2015-04-30Francis ThumFranz Ritt23-1616
2015-04-30Francis ThumRich Kronenberg32-44
2015-04-30Rahul AcharyaBen Nisbet3020-20
2015-04-30Hanwei WangBen Nisbet308-8
2015-04-30Kai ZhangHanwei Wang32-1111
2015-04-30Kai ZhangRahul Acharya302-2
2015-04-30Zach ZweibonJohn Faulkner3020-20
2015-04-30Joel HoffmanJohn Faulkner3111-11
2015-04-30John FaulknerVijay Naik3022-22
2015-04-30Gregory LargeVijay Naik322-2
2015-04-30Joel HoffmanGregory Large3111-11
2015-04-30Zach ZweibonGregory Large32-11
Thursday 30 April 2015
Artem Studenikin40
Greg Palmer38
Franz Ritt34
Rohan Acharya25
Dave Shyu25
Igor Yarmak23
Joel Hoffman22
John Code20
Zach Zweibon19
Hanwei Wang19
Rahul Acharya18
Ying Zhang16
Will Shortz13
Ben Lerman6
Susan Leifer0
Francis Storph-5
Peter Bosco-7
Gregory Large-8
Kai Zhang-9
Bonnie OShea-9
John Faulkner-9
Frank Cromer-13
Frank Valentine-13
David Hill-14
Jonas Pankow-14
Sky Shatz-16
Francis Thum-20
Vijay Naik-24
George Gristede-24
Glen Randmer-26
Ben Nisbet-28
Rich Kronenberg-30
Tej Singh-49