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"Player A" is the player who at the time of playing had the highest rating of the two. The totals at the right refer to the total of points won or lost by a player on that day. So the player with the highest total is the winner of the day!

date player A player B gms A gms B pnt Apnt B
2014-11-20Artem StudenikinPaul Nunez3017-17
2014-11-20Rahul AcharyaVictor Krupinski13-1414
2014-11-20Peter BoscoYuri Shneider325-5
2014-11-20Art DubowJohn Bolton3025-25
2014-11-20Ursula BartolingSky Shatz3016-16
2014-11-20Attila ViczianEllen Burka03-3030
2014-11-20Sheng Kang WangVijay Naik316-6
2014-11-20Dylan ZeiglerShi Fan Chen3112-12
2014-11-20Steve BurkaYing Zhang13-2020
2014-11-20Greg PalmerFrancis Thum323-3
2014-11-20Trevor SalmonIan Banfield323-3
2014-11-20Gregory LargeSue Son3022-22
2014-11-20Gregory LargeCharles Braue3112-12
2014-11-20Rich KronenbergSteve Burka3111-11
2014-11-20Neville RobertsAlex Ha13-2222
2014-11-20Victor KrupinskiMatthew Needle3015-15
2014-11-20Rahul AcharyaBen Nisbet3017-17
2014-11-20Verna EdwardsGlen Randmer13-2323
2014-11-20Greg PalmerShi Fan Chen23-66
2014-11-20Ellen BurkaCorey Williams3024-24
2014-11-20Antal ViczianCorey Williams23-66
2014-11-20Peter BoscoSam Son23-1212
2014-11-20Sheng Kang WangStu Landesberg23-1111
2014-11-20Ruslan KorobeinikBill McGimpsey13-1414
2014-11-20Ian BanfieldBill McGimpsey3020-20
2014-11-20Rich KronenbergPaolo Alimonti03-2626
2014-11-20Paolo AlimontiYing Zhang314-4
2014-11-20Artem StudenikinVerna Edwards324-4
2014-11-20Ben LermanSusan Leifer3011-11
2014-11-20Amarfio RichardsWill Shortz23-88
2014-11-20Yuri ShneiderLeo Trubman3018-18
2014-11-20Charles BraueFrank Valentine319-9
2014-11-20Sue SonFrank Valentine03-2626
2014-11-20Trevor SalmonRuslan Korobeinik317-7
2014-11-20Jingsong ZhuWill Shortz3014-14
2014-11-20Rohan AcharyaJingsong Zhu3112-12
2014-11-20Rohan AcharyaAmarfio Richards314-4
2014-11-20Dirk KlingnerHarper Richards3019-19
2014-11-20Neville RobertsDirk Klingner23-1212
2014-11-20Attila ViczianAntal Viczian318-8
2014-11-20Stu LandesbergMarty Ehrenreich324-4
2014-11-20Vijay NaikMarty Ehrenreich325-5
2014-11-20Sheng Kang WangStu Landesberg23-1111
2014-11-20Peter BoscoSam Son23-1212
2014-11-20Sheng Kang WangVijay Naik32-11
2014-11-20Paul NunezGlen Randmer321-1
2014-11-20Chong Xian ZhaoBen Lerman32-22
2014-11-20Chong Xian ZhaoBonnie OShea32-66
2014-11-20Ursula BartolingSusan Leifer3010-10
2014-11-20Chong Xian ZhaoSky Shatz03-4040
2014-11-20Bonnie OSheaSky Shatz03-3030
2014-11-20Ben LermanBonnie OShea13-1717
2014-11-20Chong Xian ZhaoUrsula Bartoling03-3232
2014-11-20Ursula BartolingBen Lerman13-1313
2014-11-20Sam SonLeo Trubman03-2525
2014-11-20Yuri ShneiderLeo Trubman03-3232
2014-11-20Dylan ZeiglerFrancis Thum23-66
2014-11-20Sky ShatzSusan Leifer3019-19
2014-11-20Jennifer JohnsonJohn Bolton23-55
2014-11-20David HillJennifer Johnson3110-10
2014-11-20David HillArt Dubow03-2727
2014-11-20Art DubowJohn Bolton3025-25
2014-11-20Alex HaHarper Richards3022-22
Thursday 20 November 2014
Art Dubow77
Sky Shatz73
Ellen Burka54
Ursula Bartoling45
Alex Ha44
Leo Trubman39
Gregory Large34
Dirk Klingner31
Paolo Alimonti30
Victor Krupinski29
Stu Landesberg26
Glen Randmer22
Artem Studenikin21
Frank Valentine17
Ian Banfield17
Rohan Acharya16
Ying Zhang16
Trevor Salmon10
Ben Lerman9
Dylan Zeigler6
Rahul Acharya3
Francis Thum3
Jingsong Zhu2
Vijay Naik0
Sam Son-1
Greg Palmer-3
Charles Braue-3
Bill McGimpsey-6
Will Shortz-6
Shi Fan Chen-6
Bonnie OShea-7
Marty Ehrenreich-9
Amarfio Richards-12
Antal Viczian-14
Rich Kronenberg-15
Matthew Needle-15
Jennifer Johnson-15
Paul Nunez-16
David Hill-17
Ben Nisbet-17
Sheng Kang Wang-17
Corey Williams-18
Yuri Shneider-19
Peter Bosco-19
Ruslan Korobeinik-21
Attila Viczian-22
Verna Edwards-27
Steve Burka-31
Neville Roberts-34
Susan Leifer-40
Harper Richards-41
John Bolton-45
Sue Son-48
Chong Xian Zhao-80