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"Player A" is the player who at the time of playing had the highest rating of the two. The totals at the right refer to the total of points won or lost by a player on that day. So the player with the highest total is the winner of the day!

date player A player B gms A gms B pnt Apnt B
2016-07-21Ying ZhangJames McLain3011-11
2016-07-21Erik JacobsenJens Schlueter3016-16
2016-07-21Zach GuidoSky Shatz13-1515
2016-07-21Sky ShatzJens Schlueter309-9
2016-07-21Zach GuidoErik Jacobsen3015-15
2016-07-21Art DubowIgor Yarmak324-4
2016-07-21Tej SinghWill Shortz13-1818
2016-07-21Tej SinghArt Dubow315-5
2016-07-21Will ShortzIgor Yarmak322-2
2016-07-21David HillBill McGimpsey316-6
2016-07-21Edgar SanchezAlec Holst3017-17
2016-07-21David HillEdgar Sanchez13-1616
2016-07-21Bill McGimpseyAlec Holst318-8
2016-07-21Ben NisbetAndriy Hrishin3015-15
2016-07-21Matthew NeedleHanwei Wang (R)3011-11
2016-07-21Matthew NeedleBen Nisbet313-3
2016-07-21Hanwei Wang (R)Andriy Hrishin317-7
2016-07-21Krishna FinkenbergMatt Kaplan3024-24
2016-07-21Nenad BachDon Moore3025-25
2016-07-21Don MooreMatt Kaplan3021-21
2016-07-21Nenad BachKrishna Finkenberg13-1515
2016-07-21Trevor SalmonSteve Burka315-5
2016-07-21Ying ZhangGlen Randmer319-9
2016-07-21Steve BurkaGlen Randmer315-5
2016-07-21Trevor SalmonYing Zhang32-66
2016-07-21James McLainJoel Hoffman03-2828
2016-07-21John FaulknerPete Betley13-2626
2016-07-21Joel HoffmanPete Betley31-77
2016-07-21James McLainJohn Faulkner312-2
Thursday 21 July 2016
Krishna Finkenberg39
Pete Betley33
Edgar Sanchez33
Ying Zhang26
Sky Shatz24
Joel Hoffman21
Will Shortz20
Matthew Needle14
Ben Nisbet12
Nenad Bach10
Bill McGimpsey2
Erik Jacobsen1
Steve Burka0
Zach Guido0
Trevor Salmon-1
Art Dubow-1
Hanwei Wang (R)-4
Don Moore-4
Igor Yarmak-6
David Hill-10
Tej Singh-13
Glen Randmer-14
Andriy Hrishin-22
Alec Holst-25
Jens Schlueter-25
John Faulkner-28
James McLain-37
Matt Kaplan-45