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"Player A" is the player who at the time of playing had the highest rating of the two. The totals at the right refer to the total of points won or lost by a player on that day. So the player with the highest total is the winner of the day!

date player A player B gms A gms B pnt Apnt B
2014-04-17Yeh Wuu ChangIrene Silbert315-5
2014-04-17Art DubowSanjiv Kalkar303-3
2014-04-17David HillJohn Munoz03-4343
2014-04-17Will ShortzAmarfio Richards32-11
2014-04-17Ming-Hong ChangRon Weber32-55
2014-04-17John MunozDebraj Chakraborty13-1919
2014-04-17Trevor SalmonArtem Studenikin3025-25
2014-04-17Trevor SalmonArtem Studenikin325-5
2014-04-17Bonnie OSheaIrene Silbert13-1414
2014-04-17Frank ValentineBonnie OShea03-3434
2014-04-17Art DubowDebraj Chakraborty307-7
2014-04-17Art DubowMike Grant325-5
2014-04-17Bill McGimpseyMike Grant308-8
2014-04-17Sanjiv KalkarVijay Naik23-66
2014-04-17David RosenfeldYeh Wuu Chang305-5
2014-04-17Vince PriceYing Zhang13-2121
2014-04-17Rich KronenbergJohn Munoz03-3131
2014-04-17Victor KrupinskiBen Nisbet3110-10
2014-04-17Ben NisbetTrevor Salmon31-66
2014-04-17Will ShortzDiann Darnall31-1111
2014-04-17Vince PriceYeh Wuu Chang307-7
2014-04-17David HillPeter Bosco03-2929
2014-04-17Rich KronenbergJohn Salmon3025-25
2014-04-17John SalmonDirk Klingner309-9
2014-04-17Amarfio RichardsYuri Shneider301-1
2014-04-17Will ShortzTrevor Salmon3110-10
2014-04-17Andriy HrishinRon Weber323-3
2014-04-17Andriy HrishinRon Weber3023-23
2014-04-17Andriy HrishinRon Weber23-77
2014-04-17Yeh Wuu ChangBonnie OShea3019-19
2014-04-17Sanjiv KalkarVijay Naik23-66
2014-04-17Vince PriceVijay Naik03-3333
2014-04-17Debraj ChakrabortySanjiv Kalkar312-2
2014-04-17Mike GrantDavid Rosenfeld31-44
2014-04-17Trevor SalmonAmarfio Richards13-1616
2014-04-17Rich KronenbergDavid Rosenfeld311-1
2014-04-17Ron WeberYeh Wuu Chang301-1
2014-04-17Ian BanfieldPeter Bosco32-66
2014-04-17John SalmonSanjiv Kalkar31-77
2014-04-17Vince PriceSanjiv Kalkar13-2020
2014-04-17John MunozYeh Wuu Chang303-3
2014-04-17Trevor SalmonAmarfio Richards03-2929
2014-04-17Art DubowYing Zhang32-1818
2014-04-17Mike GrantRich Kronenberg23-1313
2014-04-17Andriy HrishinRon Weber323-3
2014-04-17Andriy HrishinRon Weber3023-23
2014-04-17Andriy HrishinRon Weber23-77
2014-04-17Andriy HrishinBill McGimpsey31-88
2014-04-17Andriy HrishinBill McGimpsey31-88
2014-04-17Mike GrantJianhua Le3015-15
2014-04-17Jeff VaughnSusan Leifer303-3
2014-04-17Ying ZhangJeff Vaughn03-2929
Thursday 17 April 2014
John Munoz58
Amarfio Richards47
Vijay Naik45
Peter Bosco35
Jeff Vaughn32
Bill McGimpsey24
Andriy Hrishin22
Debraj Chakraborty14
Diann Darnall11
Ying Zhang10
Victor Krupinski10
Sanjiv Kalkar10
Irene Silbert9
Rich Kronenberg8
Yeh Wuu Chang8
David Rosenfeld8
Bonnie OShea1
Yuri Shneider-1
Will Shortz-2
Susan Leifer-3
Art Dubow-3
Ming-Hong Chang-5
Ian Banfield-6
Dirk Klingner-9
Jianhua Le-15
Mike Grant-15
Ben Nisbet-16
Trevor Salmon-19
John Salmon-23
Artem Studenikin-30
Ron Weber-32
Frank Valentine-34
Vince Price-67
David Hill-72