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"Player A" is the player who at the time of playing had the highest rating of the two. The totals at the right refer to the total of points won or lost by a player on that day. So the player with the highest total is the winner of the day!

date player A player B gms A gms B pnt Apnt B
2018-07-13Howie ShlomVitalii Shapran03-2727
2018-07-13Johnny KeoghAlex Tsoi13-1313
2018-07-13Alex TsoiVitalii Shapran32-11
2018-07-13Johnny KeoghHowie Shlom317-7
2018-07-13Sky ShatzSteven Li03-2525
2018-07-13Sky ShatzTrevor Salmon3023-23
2018-07-13Steven LiIgor Zernitsky3018-18
2018-07-13Trevor SalmonIgor Zernitsky03-3131
2018-07-13Gregory LargeDan Buzovi312-2
2018-07-13Dario LeonciniSam Schamberg23-66
2018-07-13Sam SchambergDan Buzovi3014-14
2018-07-13Dario LeonciniGregory Large3111-11
2018-07-13Tattoo SzelesRick Prokop3010-10
2018-07-13Milutin NikodijevicAdolfo Neto3015-15
2018-07-13Tattoo SzelesMilutin Nikodijevic3015-15
2018-07-13Rick ProkopAdolfo Neto3020-20
2018-07-13Zach GrozMark Westlake32-55
2018-07-13Kris ReinmuthRay Herbst324-4
2018-07-13Kris ReinmuthZach Groz3025-25
2018-07-13Ray HerbstMark Westlake23-1515
2018-07-13Eva PrunyiRobert Zengotita13-1818
2018-07-13Domenick DelfinoBill Picker13-1414
2018-07-13Eva PrunyiDomenick Delfino3021-21
2018-07-13Bill PickerRobert Zengotita13-1414
2018-07-13Glen RandmerZack Guido311-1
2018-07-13Dan GarciaFrancis Thum3013-13
2018-07-13Glen RandmerDan Garcia03-2727
2018-07-13Zack GuidoFrancis Thum3023-23
2018-07-13Yi GuEdgar Sanchez306-6
2018-07-13Alec HolstKevin Lewis308-8
2018-07-13Yi GuAlec Holst23-1414
2018-07-13Edgar SanchezKevin Lewis23-1212
2018-07-13Igor ZernitskySam Schamberg304-4
2018-07-13Zack GuidoSam Schamberg32-88
2018-07-13Yi GuAlec Holst03-3434
2018-07-13Igor ZernitskyZack Guido3013-13
2018-07-13Igor ZernitskySam Schamberg32-1616
Friday 13 July 2018
Alec Holst56
Steven Li43
Dan Garcia40
Sam Schamberg40
Robert Zengotita32
Kris Reinmuth29
Vitalii Shapran28
Tattoo Szeles25
Mark Westlake20
Igor Zernitsky14
Alex Tsoi12
Rick Prokop10
Dario Leoncini5
Kevin Lewis4
Eva Prunyi3
Zack Guido1
Bill Picker0
Milutin Nikodijevic0
Sky Shatz-2
Johnny Keogh-6
Gregory Large-9
Dan Buzovi-16
Edgar Sanchez-18
Ray Herbst-19
Glen Randmer-26
Zach Groz-30
Howie Shlom-34
Adolfo Neto-35
Domenick Delfino-35
Francis Thum-36
Yi Gu-42
Trevor Salmon-54