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"Player A" is the player who at the time of playing had the highest rating of the two. The totals at the right refer to the total of points won or lost by a player on that day. So the player with the highest total is the winner of the day!

date player A player B gms A gms B pnt Apnt B
2018-03-16Mike DiSistoDon Hubert23-1818
2018-03-16Sung KangUri Moon Rosha3018-18
2018-03-16Robert ZengotitaMike DiSisto03-2626
2018-03-16Robert ZengotitaHowie Shlom13-1313
2018-03-16Uri Moon RoshaDon Hubert3010-10
2018-03-16Sung KangMike DiSisto313-3
2018-03-16Sung KangHowie Shlom313-3
2018-03-16Howie ShlomDon Hubert3012-12
2018-03-16Uri Moon RoshaRobert Zengotita3023-23
2018-03-16Amoolya MenonJohnny Keogh3017-17
2018-03-16Ray HerbstMark Westlake3015-15
2018-03-16Ray HerbstAmoolya Menon316-6
2018-03-16Mark WestlakeJohnny Keogh3200
2018-03-16Kush ShresthaAnris Skangalis3111-11
2018-03-16Adolfo NetoAntal Viczian03-3030
2018-03-16Adolfo NetoKush Shrestha03-3737
2018-03-16Antal ViczianAnris Skangalis313-3
2018-03-16Steve BurkaZack Guido03-3434
2018-03-16Glen RandmerFrancis Thum03-2828
2018-03-16Zack GuidoFrancis Thum3111-11
2018-03-16Steve BurkaGlen Randmer32-22
2018-03-16Carly GoogelJames McLain23-1010
2018-03-16Dan GarciaMiguel Ballesteros31-33
2018-03-16Miguel BallesterosJames McLain23-88
2018-03-16Dan GarciaCarly Googel31-22
2018-03-16Kristian DoughtyMarcelo Alava03-3535
2018-03-16Courage NanevieSushant Obeja3013-13
2018-03-16Sushant ObejaMarcelo Alava319-9
2018-03-16Courage NanevieKristian Doughty3019-19
2018-03-16Art DubowSky Shatz3015-15
2018-03-16Art DubowTrevor Salmon23-1111
2018-03-16Trevor SalmonWill Shortz23-1010
2018-03-16Sky ShatzWill Shortz3112-12
2018-03-16Steve HellerNenad Bach03-3232
2018-03-16John FaulknerSteve Heller3019-19
2018-03-16John FaulknerBarry Kestenberg32-66
2018-03-16Barry KestenbergNenad Bach3023-23
Friday 16 March 2018
Kush Shrestha48
Zack Guido45
Antal Viczian33
Courage Nanevie32
Barry Kestenberg29
Marcelo Alava26
Sung Kang24
Howie Shlom22
Ray Herbst21
James McLain18
Francis Thum17
Uri Moon Rosha15
John Faulkner13
Amoolya Menon11
Nenad Bach9
Mike DiSisto5
Art Dubow4
Trevor Salmon1
Will Shortz-2
Sky Shatz-3
Sushant Obeja-4
Don Hubert-4
Dan Garcia-5
Miguel Ballesteros-5
Carly Googel-8
Anris Skangalis-14
Mark Westlake-15
Johnny Keogh-17
Glen Randmer-26
Steve Burka-36
Steve Heller-51
Kristian Doughty-54
Robert Zengotita-62
Adolfo Neto-67