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"Player A" is the player who at the time of playing had the highest rating of the two. The totals at the right refer to the total of points won or lost by a player on that day. So the player with the highest total is the winner of the day!

date player A player B gms A gms B pnt Apnt B
2018-01-12Perry KaiserCharles Braue3024-24
2018-01-12Antal ViczianPerry Kaiser03-3030
2018-01-12Jared MorrisCharles Braue3200
2018-01-12Antal ViczianJared Morris3024-24
2018-01-12Sung KangTom Barberi03-3030
2018-01-12Matt RutherfordRay Herbst03-2828
2018-01-12Ray HerbstTom Barberi3023-23
2018-01-12Matt RutherfordSung Kang13-1313
2018-01-12Carly GoogelJohn Faulkner3024-24
2018-01-12Gregory LargeCarly Googel3019-19
2018-01-12Gregory LargeLloyd Benjamin23-1010
2018-01-12Lloyd BenjaminJohn Faulkner23-66
2018-01-12Amoolya MenonScott Brown3024-24
2018-01-12Noah SeriHowie Shlom03-3636
2018-01-12Amoolya MenonNoah Seri3023-23
2018-01-12Scott BrownHowie Shlom13-2424
2018-01-12Sam SchambergSteve Heller322-2
2018-01-12Milutin NikodijevicNenad Bach3111-11
2018-01-12Sam SchambergMilutin Nikodijevic3019-19
2018-01-12Steve HellerNenad Bach3021-21
2018-01-12Alec HolstSushant Obeja317-7
2018-01-12Art DubowWill Shortz3018-18
2018-01-12Sushant ObejaWill Shortz309-9
2018-01-12D.P PatankarSteve Burka3020-20
2018-01-12Noel FurnissMark Yun3111-11
2018-01-12Mark YunSteve Burka316-6
2018-01-12Noel FurnissD.P Patankar3022-22
2018-01-12Ying ZhangBob Chen3018-18
2018-01-12Zack GuidoJoel Hoffman32-44
2018-01-12Joel HoffmanBob Chen3020-20
2018-01-12Zack GuidoYing Zhang23-1212
2018-01-12Mike RomaniwHayato Takeda322-2
2018-01-12Dan GarciaGlen Randmer3024-24
2018-01-12Mike RomaniwGlen Randmer323-3
2018-01-12Dan GarciaHayato Takeda3111-11
2018-01-12Kokou Fanny[HB]Marcelo Alava324-4
2018-01-12Shuja JafarDennis Stephenson3022-22
2018-01-12Dennis StephensonMarcelo Alava315-5
2018-01-12Shuja JafarKokou Fanny[HB]313-3
2018-01-12Andi PorzioMiguel Ballesteros23-99
2018-01-12Gerard YapAnris Skangalis316-6
2018-01-12Gerard YapAndi Porzio3110-10
2018-01-12Miguel BallesterosAnris Skangalis3112-12
2018-01-12Marcel FriedrichAttila Viczian3112-12
2018-01-12Kris ReinmuthMark Westlake319-9
2018-01-12Attila ViczianMark Westlake321-1
2018-01-12Marcel FriedrichKris Reinmuth03-2727
2018-01-12Alec HolstArt Dubow3010-10
2018-01-12Noel FurnissZack Guido3013-13
2018-01-12Nenad BachYu Yang31-1111
Friday 12 January 2018
Howie Shlom60
Perry Kaiser54
Ray Herbst51
Amoolya Menon47
Noel Furniss46
Kris Reinmuth36
Dan Garcia35
Ying Zhang30
Shuja Jafar25
Joel Hoffman24
Sam Schamberg21
Miguel Ballesteros21
Steve Heller19
Alec Holst17
Gerard Yap16
Yu Yang11
Gregory Large9
Art Dubow8
Tom Barberi7
Carly Googel5
Mike Romaniw5
Lloyd Benjamin4
Sushant Obeja2
Kokou Fanny[HB]1
D.P Patankar-2
Mark Yun-5
Antal Viczian-6
Milutin Nikodijevic-8
Marcelo Alava-9
Mark Westlake-10
Attila Viczian-11
Hayato Takeda-13
Marcel Friedrich-15
Dennis Stephenson-17
Sung Kang-17
Anris Skangalis-18
John Faulkner-18
Andi Porzio-19
Jared Morris-24
Charles Braue-24
Steve Burka-26
Glen Randmer-27
Will Shortz-27
Zack Guido-29
Bob Chen-38
Matt Rutherford-41
Nenad Bach-43
Scott Brown-48
Noah Seri-59