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"Player A" is the player who at the time of playing had the highest rating of the two. The totals at the right refer to the total of points won or lost by a player on that day. So the player with the highest total is the winner of the day!

date player A player B gms A gms B pnt Apnt B
2014-10-16Rohan AcharyaArtem Studenikin31-44
2014-10-16Trevor SalmonIgor Yarmak03-3232
2014-10-16Debraj ChakrabortyJon Ng3016-16
2014-10-16David HillPeter Bosco3020-20
2014-10-16Steve BurkaRich Kronenberg23-99
2014-10-16Artem StudenikinIgor Yarmak03-2929
2014-10-16Ying ZhangNeville Roberts13-2424
2014-10-16Debraj ChakrabortyYuri Shneider03-2828
2014-10-16Yuri ShneiderFrancis Thum312-2
2014-10-16Ben LermanBonnie OShea3200
2014-10-16Antal ViczianSusan Leifer308-8
2014-10-16Carl SkeetePaolo Alimonti319-9
2014-10-16Rohan AcharyaTrevor Salmon32-1010
2014-10-16Amy HsuPeter Bosco32-11
2014-10-16Ying ZhangAlex Ha3024-24
2014-10-16Alex HaFrank Cromer31-33
2014-10-16Neville RobertsFrank Cromer3019-19
2014-10-16Ben LermanAntal Viczian13-1414
2014-10-16Jon NgFrancis Thum13-1717
2014-10-16Rich KronenbergPaolo Alimonti322-2
2014-10-16Debraj ChakrabortyFrancis Thum3012-12
2014-10-16Bill McGimpseyAmy Hsu3020-20
2014-10-16Bill McGimpseyDavid Hill32-22
2014-10-16Vijay NaikMarty Ehrenreich23-66
2014-10-16Marty EhrenreichEllen Burka3100
2014-10-16Vijay NaikAiman Elsherbiny23-1818
2014-10-16Aiman ElsherbinyEllen Burka3025-25
2014-10-16Rahul AcharyaMatthew Needle311-1
2014-10-16Rahul AcharyaVictor Krupinski3022-22
2014-10-16Steve BurkaRich Kronenberg23-99
2014-10-16Steve BurkaCarl Skeete13-1515
2014-10-16Bonnie OSheaSusan Leifer31-22
Thursday 16 October 2014
Igor Yarmak61
Aiman Elsherbiny43
Neville Roberts43
Yuri Shneider30
Carl Skeete24
Rahul Acharya23
Antal Viczian22
David Hill22
Rich Kronenberg20
Bill McGimpsey18
Marty Ehrenreich6
Francis Thum3
Debraj Chakraborty0
Ying Zhang0
Matthew Needle-1
Bonnie OShea-2
Susan Leifer-6
Paolo Alimonti-11
Rohan Acharya-14
Ben Lerman-14
Frank Cromer-16
Peter Bosco-19
Amy Hsu-21
Victor Krupinski-22
Trevor Salmon-22
Vijay Naik-24
Artem Studenikin-25
Ellen Burka-25
Alex Ha-27
Jon Ng-33
Steve Burka-33