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"Player A" is the player who at the time of playing had the highest rating of the two. The totals at the right refer to the total of points won or lost by a player on that day. So the player with the highest total is the winner of the day!

date player A player B gms A gms B pnt Apnt B
2017-09-22Sam SchambergGregory Large03-2929
2017-09-22Yoong LeeSam Schamberg311-1
2017-09-22Yoong LeeCarly Googel312-2
2017-09-22Carly GoogelGregory Large03-3030
2017-09-22Miguel BallesterosRay Herbst32-11
2017-09-22Ron DalessioRay Herbst307-7
2017-09-22Daria FahimiMiguel Ballesteros32-44
2017-09-22Ron DalessioMark Westlake303-3
2017-09-22Mark WestlakeJohnny Keogh13-1313
2017-09-22Ray HerbstJohnny Keogh3014-14
2017-09-22Miguel BallesterosMark Westlake3011-11
2017-09-22Daria FahimiJohnny Keogh305-5
2017-09-22Ron DalessioDaria Fahimi3018-18
2017-09-22Darius FahimiZack Guido3110-10
2017-09-22Steve BurkaDavid Hill[LH]3110-10
2017-09-22Darius FahimiSteve Burka13-1313
2017-09-22Zack GuidoDavid Hill[LH]3025-25
2017-09-22Artem StudenikinAlec Holst13-1717
2017-09-22Kokou Fanny[HB]Marcelo Alava324-4
2017-09-22Kokou Fanny[HB]Artem Studenikin319-9
2017-09-22Marcelo AlavaAlec Holst32-11
2017-09-22Steven LiMike Romaniw3019-19
2017-09-22Mike RomaniwSky Shatz3111-11
2017-09-22Noel FurnissSky Shatz3024-24
2017-09-22Steven LiNoel Furniss23-1313
2017-09-22Francis ThumSteve Heller3022-22
2017-09-22Glen RandmerJoel Hoffman23-1515
2017-09-22Joel HoffmanSteve Heller3110-10
2017-09-22Glen RandmerFrancis Thum03-3434
2017-09-22Art DubowRuslan Korobeinik3200
2017-09-22Edgar SanchezWill Shortz317-7
2017-09-22Art DubowEdgar Sanchez23-1212
2017-09-22Ruslan KorobeinikWill Shortz13-2020
2017-09-22Ellen BurkaGerard Yap32-44
2017-09-22Erik JacobsenVito Moyla322-2
2017-09-22Ellen BurkaErik Jacobsen03-3131
2017-09-22Gerard YapVito Moyla23-55
Friday 22 September 2017
Gregory Large59
Francis Thum56
Noel Furniss37
Erik Jacobsen33
Ron Dalessio28
Joel Hoffman25
Steve Burka23
Edgar Sanchez19
Alec Holst18
Zack Guido15
Miguel Ballesteros14
Kokou Fanny[HB]13
Will Shortz13
Ray Herbst8
Steven Li6
Yoong Lee3
Vito Moyla3
Gerard Yap-1
Darius Fahimi-3
Marcelo Alava-5
Johnny Keogh-6
Mike Romaniw-8
Art Dubow-12
Daria Fahimi-17
Ruslan Korobeinik-20
Artem Studenikin-26
Mark Westlake-27
Sam Schamberg-30
Carly Googel-32
Steve Heller-32
David Hill[LH]-35
Ellen Burka-35
Sky Shatz-35
Glen Randmer-49