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"Player A" is the player who at the time of playing had the highest rating of the two. The totals at the right refer to the total of points won or lost by a player on that day. So the player with the highest total is the winner of the day!

date player A player B gms A gms B pnt Apnt B
2017-07-14Sam SchambergAntal Viczian32-11
2017-07-14Erik JacobsenRon Dalessio03-3535
2017-07-14Ron DalessioJohnny Keogh302-2
2017-07-14Sam SchambergJohnny Keogh301-1
2017-07-14Erik JacobsenSam Schamberg03-2929
2017-07-14Erik JacobsenBarry Kestenberg03-3333
2017-07-14Barry KestenbergAntal Viczian3022-22
2017-07-14Barry KestenbergJohnny Keogh301-1
2017-07-14Upneet ShahZach Guido03-3333
2017-07-14Dan GarciaFrancis Thum3022-22
2017-07-14Dan GarciaUpneet Shah03-2727
2017-07-14Francis ThumZach Guido13-2020
2017-07-14Steve BurkaSky Shatz324-4
2017-07-14Yoong LeeWill Shortz13-1313
2017-07-14Yoong LeeSteve Burka03-2727
2017-07-14Will ShortzSky Shatz323-3
2017-07-14Trevor SalmonSteven Li311-1
2017-07-14Elliot AgyareEdgar Sanchez13-1818
2017-07-14Edgar SanchezSteven Li3011-11
2017-07-14Elliot AgyareTrevor Salmon315-5
2017-07-14Ralph MackJack Joy307-7
2017-07-14Ralph MackJohn Faulkner23-1717
2017-07-14Jack JoyPradeep Nayyar03-2727
2017-07-14John FaulknerPradeep Nayyar3015-15
2017-07-14Ming-Hong ChangIan Banfield3025-25
2017-07-14Rosine DongoRuslan Korobeinik23-66
2017-07-14Ian BanfieldRuslan Korobeinik23-77
2017-07-14Ming-Hong ChangRosine Dongo324-4
2017-07-14Antal ViczianRon Dalessio324-4
2017-07-14Glen RandmerRex Joy31-11
2017-07-14Ying ZhangNoel Furniss13-1414
2017-07-14Noel FurnissRex Joy3015-15
2017-07-14Glen RandmerYing Zhang13-1616
Friday 14 July 2017
Barry Kestenberg56
Zach Guido53
Edgar Sanchez41
Ron Dalessio33
John Faulkner32
Steve Burka31
Noel Furniss29
Ming-Hong Chang29
Sam Schamberg29
Will Shortz16
Ruslan Korobeinik13
Pradeep Nayyar12
Ying Zhang2
Trevor Salmon-4
Johnny Keogh-4
Dan Garcia-5
Upneet Shah-6
Sky Shatz-7
Rosine Dongo-10
Ralph Mack-10
Steven Li-12
Rex Joy-14
Antal Viczian-17
Glen Randmer-17
Eliot Agyare-25
Ian Banfield-32
Jack Joy-34
Yoong Lee-40
Francis Thum-42
Erik Jacobsen-97