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"Player A" is the player who at the time of playing had the highest rating of the two. The totals at the right refer to the total of points won or lost by a player on that day. So the player with the highest total is the winner of the day!

date player A player B gms A gms B pnt Apnt B
2018-05-25Steve BurkaMike Romaniw13-1313
2018-05-25Will ShortzSteven Li03-2626
2018-05-25Will ShortzSteve Burka315-5
2018-05-25Steven LiMike Romaniw3017-17
2018-05-25Travis HardmanSung Kang3017-17
2018-05-25Bjorn OsoSung Kang315-5
2018-05-25Anris SkangalisBjorn Oso03-3535
2018-05-25Anris SkangalisTravis Hardman23-1414
2018-05-25Amoolya MenonKris Reinmuth3018-18
2018-05-25Adolfo NetoRay Herbst321-1
2018-05-25Kris ReinmuthRay Herbst318-8
2018-05-25Amoolya MenonAdolfo Neto3019-19
2018-05-25Jeremy OforiSam Schamberg03-2828
2018-05-25Sam SchambergMilutin Nikodijevic3012-12
2018-05-25Jeremy OforiSteve Heller311-1
2018-05-25Steve HellerMilutin Nikodijevic318-8
2018-05-25Uri Moon RoshaHowie Shlom322-2
2018-05-25Robert ZengotitaCalvin Cai3015-15
2018-05-25Howie ShlomCalvin Cai3014-14
2018-05-25Uri Moon RoshaRobert Zengotita319-9
2018-05-25John FaulknerCarly Googel13-1919
2018-05-25Glen RandmerFrancis Thum23-66
2018-05-25Francis ThumCarly Googel309-9
2018-05-25Glen RandmerJohn Faulkner311-1
2018-05-25Yi GuSushant Obeja321-1
2018-05-25Tian ZhangSushant Obeja3017-17
2018-05-25Courage NanevieYi Gu3011-11
2018-05-25Courage NanevieTian Zhang32-66
2018-05-25Lei RenEdgar Sanchez31-55
2018-05-25Jose SuarezJonathan Wong314-4
2018-05-25Edgar SanchezJonathan Wong322-2
2018-05-25Lei RenJose Suarez31-11
2018-05-25Kevin LewisIgor Zernitsky3112-12
2018-05-25Trevor SalmonSky Shatz323-3
2018-05-25Igor ZernitskySky Shatz23-1010
2018-05-25Kevin LewisTrevor Salmon321-1
Friday 25 May 2018
Steven Li43
Bjorn Oso40
Sam Schamberg40
Amoolya Menon37
Travis Hardman31
Tian Zhang23
Francis Thum15
Kevin Lewis13
Howie Shlom12
Uri Moon Rosha11
Carly Googel10
Sky Shatz7
Edgar Sanchez7
Steve Heller7
Robert Zengotita6
Courage Nanevie5
Jose Suarez5
Trevor Salmon2
Mike Romaniw-4
Glen Randmer-5
Lei Ren-6
Jonathan Wong-6
Ray Herbst-9
Kris Reinmuth-10
Yi Gu-10
Adolfo Neto-18
Sushant Obeja-18
Steve Burka-18
John Faulkner-20
Milutin Nikodijevic-20
Will Shortz-21
Sung Kang-22
Igor Zernitsky-22
Jeremy Ofori-27
Calvin Cai-29
Anris Skangalis-49