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"Player A" is the player who at the time of playing had the highest rating of the two. The totals at the right refer to the total of points won or lost by a player on that day. So the player with the highest total is the winner of the day!

date player A player B gms A gms B pnt Apnt B
2015-01-22Sue SonCharles Braue3025-25
2015-01-22Sue SonGregory Large323-3
2015-01-22Charles BraueEllen Burka23-1010
2015-01-22Gregory LargeEllen Burka23-77
2015-01-22Francis ThumRich Kronenberg316-6
2015-01-22Paolo AlimontiFranz Ritt13-1818
2015-01-22Rich KronenbergFranz Ritt3200
2015-01-22Francis ThumPaolo Alimonti32-11
2015-01-22Yuri ShneiderGreg Palmer3111-11
2015-01-22Yuri ShneiderJacek Golis3019-19
2015-01-22Greg PalmerSam Son315-5
2015-01-22Jacek GolisSam Son13-1616
2015-01-22Ben LermanBonnie OShea32-11
2015-01-22Dave KemlerSusan Leifer32-33
2015-01-22Bonnie OSheaSusan Leifer3014-14
2015-01-22Ben LermanSky Shatz319-9
2015-01-22Ben LermanDave Kemler313-3
2015-01-22Sky ShatzDave Kemler32-11
2015-01-22Rahul AcharyaFouad Abdullah23-1414
2015-01-22Ben NisbetWill Shortz3012-12
2015-01-22Rahul AcharyaBen Nisbet23-2020
2015-01-22Fouad AbdullahWill Shortz31-55
2015-01-22Andriy HrishinJ. T. He13-1414
2015-01-22Trevor SalmonJ. T. He03-2828
2015-01-22Ming-Hong ChangTrevor Salmon324-4
2015-01-22Ming-Hong ChangAndriy Hrishin322-2
2015-01-22Ying ZhangNeville Roberts325-5
2015-01-22Alex HaVijay Naik3022-22
2015-01-22Neville RobertsVijay Naik3010-10
2015-01-22Ying ZhangAlex Ha23-1818
2015-01-22Frankie FloresTrevor Mack3015-15
2015-01-22Ian BanfieldArtem Studenikin318-8
2015-01-22Artem StudenikinTrevor Mack3019-19
2015-01-22Ian BanfieldFrankie Flores3024-24
2015-01-22Paul NunezGlen Randmer13-1616
2015-01-22Art DubowDavid Hill3023-23
2015-01-22Glen RandmerDavid Hill324-4
2015-01-22Paul NunezArt Dubow03-2727
2015-01-22Tom MackAntal Viczian03-3131
2015-01-22Frank CromerTom Mack3024-24
2015-01-22Frank ValentineAntal Viczian3200
2015-01-22Frank CromerFrank Valentine23-77
Thursday 22 January 2015
Art Dubow50
J. T. He42
Alex Ha40
Ian Banfield32
Ben Nisbet32
Antal Viczian31
Yuri Shneider30
Sue Son28
Glen Randmer20
Franz Ritt18
Frank Cromer17
Ellen Burka17
Bonnie OShea15
Sam Son11
Ben Lerman11
Artem Studenikin11
Fouad Abdullah9
Frank Valentine7
Ming-Hong Chang6
Francis Thum5
Neville Roberts5
Dave Kemler-5
Rich Kronenberg-6
Greg Palmer-6
Will Shortz-7
Frankie Flores-9
Gregory Large-10
Sky Shatz-10
Susan Leifer-11
Ying Zhang-13
Andriy Hrishin-16
Paolo Alimonti-17
David Hill-27
Trevor Salmon-32
Vijay Naik-32
Rahul Acharya-34
Trevor Mack-34
Jacek Golis-35
Charles Braue-35
Paul Nunez-43
Tom Mack-55