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"Player A" is the player who at the time of playing had the highest rating of the two. The totals at the right refer to the total of points won or lost by a player on that day. So the player with the highest total is the winner of the day!

date player A player B gms A gms B pnt Apnt B
2015-02-26Yinka OlasojiJosh Rosenkranz301-1
2015-02-26Hanwei WangNike Aroyehun302-2
2015-02-26Josh SchubackNike Aroyehun23-1919
2015-02-26Hanwei WangYinka Olasoji32-11
2015-02-26Joel HoffmanChuck Rush3014-14
2015-02-26Antal ViczianAaron Foote3016-16
2015-02-26Chuck RushAaron Foote3024-24
2015-02-26Joel HoffmanAntal Viczian3022-22
2015-02-26Peter BoscoSteve Burka314-4
2015-02-26Francis StorphGreg Palmer03-3434
2015-02-26Greg PalmerSteve Burka3110-10
2015-02-26Francis StorphPeter Bosco23-99
2015-02-26Rich KronenbergNoah Samson3022-22
2015-02-26Rich KronenbergPaolo Alimonti13-1616
2015-02-26H KimArtem Studenikin314-4
2015-02-26Marcelo AlavaIgor Yarmak3016-16
2015-02-26Artem StudenikinIgor Yarmak322-2
2015-02-26H KimMarcelo Alava3110-10
2015-02-26Ying ZhangChristophe Kalt314-4
2015-02-26Xuejia Zhangkevin Duan3023-23
2015-02-26kevin DuanChristophe Kalt13-2020
2015-02-26Xuejia ZhangYing Zhang324-4
2015-02-26Trevor SalmonGlen Randmer3012-12
2015-02-26Ian BanfieldFrankie Flores13-1616
2015-02-26Ian BanfieldTrevor Salmon3110-10
2015-02-26Frankie FloresGlen Randmer3100
2015-02-26Alex HaVijay Naik315-5
2015-02-26Alex HaVince Price13-2020
2015-02-26Vince PriceStu Landesberg3111-11
2015-02-26Ellen BurkaFrank Valentine322-2
2015-02-26Charles BraueFrank Valentine3020-20
2015-02-26Sava YurkovskyEllen Burka03-2525
2015-02-26Charles BraueSava Yurkovsky13-1414
2015-02-26Ben LermanAttila Viczian3024-24
2015-02-26Ben LermanSky Shatz3112-12
2015-02-26Sky ShatzBonnie OShea314-4
2015-02-26Attila ViczianBonnie OShea3017-17
2015-02-26Will ShortzTrevor Mack308-8
2015-02-26Ian GoodingTrevor Mack3014-14
2015-02-26Sreehari SulochananIan Gooding32-88
2015-02-26Sreehari SulochananWill Shortz03-3232
2015-02-26Vijay NaikStu Landesberg324-4
2015-02-26Noah SamsonFranz Ritt13-1818
2015-02-26Paolo AlimontiFranz Ritt3020-20
Thursday 26 February 2015
Greg Palmer44
Will Shortz40
Ben Lerman36
Joel Hoffman36
Paolo Alimonti36
Vince Price31
Xuejia Zhang27
Ellen Burka27
Ian Gooding22
Nike Aroyehun17
Christophe Kalt16
Frankie Flores16
H Kim14
Peter Bosco13
Chuck Rush10
Charles Braue6
Rich Kronenberg6
Marcelo Alava6
Yinka Olasoji2
Trevor Salmon2
Hanwei Wang1
Ying Zhang0
Vijay Naik-1
Josh Rosenkranz-1
Artem Studenikin-2
Franz Ritt-2
Ian Banfield-6
Antal Viczian-6
Attila Viczian-7
Sky Shatz-8
Sava Yurkovsky-11
Glen Randmer-12
Steve Burka-14
Stu Landesberg-15
Alex Ha-15
Igor Yarmak-18
Josh Schuback-19
Bonnie OShea-21
Frank Valentine-22
Trevor Mack-22
Sreehari Sulochanan-40
Noah Samson-40
Aaron Foote-40
Francis Storph-43
kevin Duan-43