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"Player A" is the player who at the time of playing had the highest rating of the two. The totals at the right refer to the total of points won or lost by a player on that day. So the player with the highest total is the winner of the day!

date player A player B gms A gms B pnt Apnt B
2015-07-23Gideon TeitelSteve Burka31-44
2015-07-23Bradley RobbinsSteve Burka13-2828
2015-07-23Bradley RobbinsBen Lerman301-1
2015-07-23Will ShortzFinn Bos317-7
2015-07-23Anjana ValsalanNaomi Garraway3017-17
2015-07-23Artem StudenikinJennifer Johnson306-6
2015-07-23Finn BosBradley Robbins13-2525
2015-07-23Nicholas OYoungBen Lerman32-1212
2015-07-23Anjana ValsalanLisa OYoung301-1
2015-07-23Bradley RobbinsLuc O`young13-1515
2015-07-23Naomi GarrawayNicholas OYoung13-3737
2015-07-23David HillSteve Burka32-33
2015-07-23Nikoli AlexisJesse Dookie23-99
2015-07-23Alex WalcottNikoli Alexis3020-20
2015-07-23Mikhail DookieBen Lerman31-55
2015-07-23Keon ConstantineGideon Teitel3012-12
2015-07-23David HillJennifer Johnson3024-24
2015-07-23Will ShortzMatthew Mootra308-8
2015-07-23Luc O`youngBen Lerman301-1
2015-07-23Steve BurkaPeter Bosco3110-10
2015-07-23Art DubowVivek Chaganti303-3
2015-07-23Anjana ValsalanBradley Robbins23-1212
2015-07-23Luc O`youngSteve Burka3011-11
2015-07-23Keon ConstantineAnjana Valsalan3017-17
2015-07-23Art DubowDavid Hill23-2020
2015-07-23Finn BosArt Dubow03-3232
2015-07-23Andriy HrishinArtem Studenikin316-6
2015-07-23Andriy HrishinArtem Studenikin23-1212
2015-07-23Andriy HrishinGideon Teitel13-2929
2015-07-23Andriy HrishinGideon Teitel13-2929
2015-07-23Matthew MootraNicholas OYoung301-1
2015-07-23David HillPeter Bosco3014-14
2015-07-23Luc O`youngFrancis Thum306-6
2015-07-23Francis ThumNicholas OYoung23-2020
2015-07-23Matthew MootraBen Lerman31-1212
2015-07-23Matthew MootraFrancis Thum305-5
2015-07-23Naomi GarrawayDennis La Rose23-1717
2015-07-23Steve BurkaPeter Bosco13-1515
2015-07-23Josh SchubackBradley Robbins31-1212
2015-07-23Jennifer JohnsonPeter Bosco13-2323
2015-07-23Bradley RobbinsBen Lerman301-1
2015-07-23Ruslan KorobeinikGideon Teitel03-3333
2015-07-23Andriy HrishinPiero Gorriti32-1919
2015-07-23Peter BoscoBen Lerman301-1
2015-07-23John FaulknerSky Shatz32-1616
2015-07-23Vivek ChagantiJohn Faulkner13-3434
2015-07-23Andriy HrishinWill Shortz13-1313
2015-07-23Andriy HrishinBradley Robbins32-1212
2015-07-23Igor ZernitskyPiero Gorriti31-1010
2015-07-23Vivek ChagantiIgor Zernitsky32-66
2015-07-23Igor ZernitskyEllen Burka3110-10
Thursday 23 July 2015
Gideon Teitel75
David Hill55
Nicholas OYoung44
Luc O`young33
Keon Constantine29
Piero Gorriti29
Will Shortz28
Ben Lerman25
Alex Walcott20
Bradley Robbins20
Steve Burka19
John Faulkner18
Dennis La Rose17
Sky Shatz16
Peter Bosco15
Art Dubow15
Artem Studenikin12
Jesse Dookie9
Igor Zernitsky6
Lisa OYoung-1
Mikhail Dookie-5
Ellen Burka-10
Anjana Valsalan-11
Josh Schuback-12
Matthew Mootra-14
Nikoli Alexis-29
Francis Thum-31
Ruslan Korobeinik-33
Vivek Chaganti-43
Jennifer Johnson-53
Finn Bos-64
Naomi Garraway-71
Andriy Hrishin-108