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"Player A" is the player who at the time of playing had the highest rating of the two. The totals at the right refer to the total of points won or lost by a player on that day. So the player with the highest total is the winner of the day!

date player A player B gms A gms B pnt Apnt B
2019-05-16Courage NanevieDennis Stephenson3018-18
2019-05-16Courage NanevieChelsea Edghill314-4
2019-05-16Dennis StephensonAlec Holst31-33
2019-05-16Chelsea EdghillAlec Holst32-99
2019-05-16Sky ShatzEugene Sazhin3110-10
2019-05-16Edgar SanchezArt Dubow3110-10
2019-05-16Sky ShatzEdgar Sanchez3019-19
2019-05-16Eugene SazhinArt Dubow13-1919
2019-05-16Will ShortzXiaobo Wang13-1818
2019-05-16Igor ZernitskySam Karabulut23-77
2019-05-16Igor ZernitskyWill Shortz3112-12
2019-05-16Sam KarabulutXiaobo Wang321-1
2019-05-16Mike RomaniwGlen Randmer03-2828
2019-05-16Miguel BallesterosPrem Krishnamurthy3024-24
2019-05-16Mike RomaniwMiguel Ballesteros3110-10
2019-05-16Glen RandmerPrem Krishnamurthy3112-12
2019-05-16Carly GoogelJeffrey Zhu03-3535
2019-05-16Carly GoogelDave Kent3015-15
2019-05-16Jeffrey ZhuAaron Ditkoff3020-20
2019-05-16Dave KentKris Reinmuth13-1818
2019-05-16Adolfo NetoAlex Tsoi3023-23
2019-05-16Brian MoranMilutin Nikodijevic13-1313
2019-05-16Milutin NikodijevicAlex Tsoi13-1616
2019-05-16Aaron DitkoffBrian Moran3111-11
2019-05-16Vitalii ShapranPete Betley3010-10
2019-05-16Dan BuzoviAmro Nimri03-3838
2019-05-16Dan BuzoviVitalii Shapran03-3232
2019-05-16Amro NimriPete Betley3015-15
2019-05-16Andrew ChoiNenad Bach3014-14
2019-05-16Johnny KeoghDavid Teich319-9
2019-05-16David TeichNenad Bach325-5
2019-05-16Andrew ChoiJohnny Keogh03-3333
2019-05-16James BuckleyParvathy Gopikrishna3025-25
2019-05-16Howie ShlomJeff Woda03-2525
2019-05-16Jeff WodaParvathy Gopikrishna3020-20
2019-05-16Howie ShlomJames Buckley3200
2019-05-16Chong JueMark Westlake[LH]315-5
2019-05-16Eva PrunyiDoug Ross312-2
2019-05-16Chong JueRobert Zengotita3014-14
2019-05-16Mark Westlake[LH]Tim King3024-24
2019-05-16Doug RossRobert Zengotita03-3030
2019-05-16Eva PrunyiChong Jue318-8
2019-05-16Doug RossMark Westlake[LH]23-66
2019-05-16Tim KingRobert Zengotita321-1
2019-05-16Eva PrunyiTim King23-1616
2019-05-16Tattoo SzelesZack Guido324-4
2019-05-16Steve BurkaDan Garcia03-2626
2019-05-16Tattoo SzelesSteve Burka23-1212
2019-05-16Zack GuidoDan Garcia3018-18
2019-05-16Zack GuidoMiguel Ballesteros03-4141
2019-05-16Brian MoranAdolfo Neto13-1414
2019-05-16Dan GarciaSam Karabulut3110-10
2019-05-16Edgar SanchezArt Dubow3110-10
Thursday 16 May 2019
Miguel Ballesteros55
Jeffrey Zhu55
Amro Nimri53
Jeff Woda45
Johnny Keogh42
Vitalii Shapran42
Glen Randmer40
Adolfo Neto37
Sky Shatz29
James Buckley25
Mark Westlake[LH]25
Courage Nanevie22
Dan Garcia18
Kris Reinmuth18
Xiaobo Wang17
Robert Zengotita15
Alec Holst12
Chong Jue11
Igor Zernitsky5
Edgar Sanchez1
Art Dubow-1
Sam Karabulut-2
Milutin Nikodijevic-3
David Teich-4
Eva Prunyi-6
Tim King-7
Alex Tsoi-7
Tattoo Szeles-8
Aaron Ditkoff-9
Chelsea Edghill-13
Steve Burka-14
Mike Romaniw-18
Andrew Choi-19
Nenad Bach-19
Carly Googel-20
Dennis Stephenson-21
Pete Betley-25
Howie Shlom-25
Zack Guido-27
Eugene Sazhin-29
Will Shortz-30
Dave Kent-33
Prem Krishnamurthy-36
Doug Ross-38
Brian Moran-38
Parvathy Gopikrishna-45
Dan Buzovi-70