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"Player A" is the player who at the time of playing had the highest rating of the two. The totals at the right refer to the total of points won or lost by a player on that day. So the player with the highest total is the winner of the day!

date player A player B gms A gms B pnt Apnt B
2017-01-20Dennis StephensonArtem Studenikin3013-13
2017-01-20Artem StudenikinIan Banfield323-3
2017-01-20Courage NanevieIan Banfield3012-12
2017-01-20Dennis StephensonCourage Nanevie3025-25
2017-01-20Charles BraueNoel Furniss23-88
2017-01-20Ben LermanMike Romaniw03-2828
2017-01-20Glen RandmerSteve Burka03-2828
2017-01-20Mike RomaniwSteve Burka3110-10
2017-01-20Art DubowEdgar Sanchez03-3030
2017-01-20Trevor SalmonAlec Holst03-2626
2017-01-20Art DubowTrevor Salmon23-1212
2017-01-20Edgar SanchezAlec Holst3110-10
2017-01-20Zach GuidoGregory Large3110-10
2017-01-20Ellen BurkaKrishna Finkenberg03-3434
2017-01-20Krishna FinkenbergGregory Large23-77
2017-01-20Ellen BurkaZach Guido03-3434
2017-01-20Erik JacobsenAntal Viczian3110-10
2017-01-20Erik JacobsenCharles Braue319-9
2017-01-20Antal ViczianNoel Furniss23-99
2017-01-20James McLainThomas Tang319-9
2017-01-20David Hill[LH]Lloyd Benjamin323-3
2017-01-20David Hill[LH]James McLain3018-18
2017-01-20Lloyd BenjaminThomas Tang313-3
2017-01-20Larry WeissmanNenad Bach317-7
2017-01-20Attila ViczianSteve Hodovanec318-8
2017-01-20Carly GoogleNenad Bach3017-17
2017-01-20Larry WeissmanAttila Viczian03-3232
2017-01-20Carly GoogleAttila Viczian3016-16
2017-01-20Nenad BachSteve Hodovanec3200
2017-01-20Eldin MedunjaninDan Garcia3200
2017-01-20Nishant BhardwajSky Shatz32-55
2017-01-20Eldin MedunjaninNishant Bhardwaj23-1111
2017-01-20Dan GarciaSky Shatz3014-14
2017-01-20Tom DriscollMark Brickel3024-24
2017-01-20Yazen AldarghouthyDon Hubert13-1616
2017-01-20Tom DriscollYazen Aldarghouthy3013-13
2017-01-20Mark BrickelDon Hubert31-22
2017-01-20Steven LiIan Gooding13-1313
2017-01-20Viren BhatiaWill Shortz319-9
2017-01-20Ian GoodingWill Shortz3018-18
2017-01-20Steven LiViren Bhatia23-99
Friday 20 January 2017
Zach Guido44
Edgar Sanchez40
Dennis Stephenson38
Mike Romaniw38
Tom Driscoll37
Carly Google33
Ian Gooding31
Krishna Finkenberg27
Attila Viczian24
David Hill[LH]21
Erik Jacobsen19
Steve Burka18
Viren Bhatia18
Don Hubert18
Noel Furniss17
Alec Holst16
Dan Garcia14
Nishant Bhardwaj6
Lloyd Benjamin0
Gregory Large-3
Steve Hodovanec-8
James McLain-9
Sky Shatz-9
Artem Studenikin-10
Eldin Medunjanin-11
Thomas Tang-12
Courage Nanevie-13
Trevor Salmon-14
Ian Banfield-15
Charles Braue-17
Antal Viczian-19
Steven Li-22
Nenad Bach-24
Larry Weissman-25
Mark Brickel-26
Will Shortz-27
Glen Randmer-28
Ben Lerman-28
Yazen Aldarghouthy-29
Art Dubow-42
Ellen Burka-68