A puzzle that fits your magazine or website will attract many readers and visitors and is likely to hold their attention for several minutes. Also, new puzzles appearing regularly ensure that many first-timers will return. Language is no problem thanks to our world-wide network.

Free Puzzles
Free puzzles for all those people who need to stay at home due to the Corona virus.

Why a Puzzle?
No puzzle is a missed opportunity for many reasons.

We create puzzles for newspapers, magazines, folders, websites and entire books.

A simple puzzle can cost you as little as $50. A custom-made puzzle will obviously cost some more, but still much less than you might expect.

About PZZL.com
PZZL.com is a Dutch company fulltime dedicated to puzzles for more than 25 years. We create(d) puzzles in any format, both on print and online, for 100+ companies, among them The New York Times.

Where we are located and how to contact us

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