Products makes puzzles of all kinds. Language will not be a problem. We can implement any text or puzzle you send us. A standard puzzle with your logo is inexpensive, yet exclusive. The puzzle itself will be specially made for your company and target audience, and you can pick the theme of the puzzle.

Custom-made puzzles are also possible, and often are as inexpensive as standard puzzles, depending on how many you order. All our puzzles can be made for magazines, newspapers or websites.

Standard puzzles
For the past 25 years we created puzzles in any format, both on print and online. Probably any type you can think of.

Custom-made puzzles 
Many types can be tailored to a specific theme, product or company. Or we create a never before seen new type. Design can be custom-made as well.

Online puzzles
We could create an online version of any puzzle type, using javascript-html5. This software works with all browsers, tablets and mobiles. For instance, we implement The New York Times crossword online here. And an online sudoku here.

smart puzzles